How to find your windows 10 product key

Are you worried that you may actually be using a pirated copy of Windows 10? If you bought your copy of Windows directly from Microsoft or from a reputable retailer, then you’re probably OK, but software piracy is still a problem.

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Using an unauthorized version of Windows doesn’t just mean that you haven’t paid Microsoft their dues, it can also mean your copy of Window is compromised with spyware or other malware.


To the average user there’s no easy to spot signs that something is wrong. If you kiểm tra the activation status of Windows it will simply say that it’s activated. Luckily there’s a way you can kiểm tra for an activator using the command line.

Checking if You’re Using an Activator

In order to lớn see whether your copy of Windows has been activated with an activator, vì the following:

Press the Windows buttonR together. This will open the Run dialogue.

If you see a box lượt thích this, which only shows entries for “partial product key” and “license status”, then your copy of Windows is genuine. Instead, if you see “activation expiration” or “renewal interval” it’s likely that your Windows installation has been cracked using an activator haông chồng.

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Use a Product ID Checker

One simple way to lớn make sure if your hàng hóa key is legitimate is lớn use a product key checker. These programs are not made by Microsoft and you should always use a virut scanner to lớn check them before running any such application.

While there are a few choices, two of the most popular are the Microsoft PID Checker (not by Microsoft!) và the Ultimate PID checker. In general, PID applications are portable. That means you don’t need to lớn install them và can simply run them from a flash drive sầu or any other storage location. 

Simply enter your product key and the program will tell you if it’s a real key or not. Just rethành viên that all this software does is validate the key, it doesn’t tell you whether you’re running a cracked version of Windows or not!

Ask Microsoft if the Key Is Real

The most foolproof way to lớn find out if your license key is a real one, is to go lớn the source. No, not the one from The Matrix, we’re talking about Microsoft. You can get in touch with a customer service representative from Microsoft & tell them you suspect your copy of Windows isn’t genuine and that you’ve been sold a nhái key. 

They can verify this for you và if it turns out it is indeed a fake key, take it from there. Sadly, you aren’t entitled khổng lồ a genuine key even if you have been scammed. So you’re out of luông chồng in that regard.

What lớn Do if Your Product Key Is Fake

So if it does turn out that you’ve sầu been given a nhái copy of Windows, what can you do? As we mentioned just now, Microsoft has a piracy reporting facility, so you should at least let them know if someone is running a crooked business selling nhái copies of their software.

As for your system, the first thing you need lớn bởi is reinstall a clean copy of Windows 10. It is possible khổng lồ simply change the cracked installation to lớn one using a legitimate key you’ve sầu purchased from a good retailer. However, we wouldn’t trust that the cracked copy doesn’t have sầu further tampering. If possible, begin with a clean slate.

Sadly, you bởi vì have sầu khổng lồ pull out even more money lớn vì chưng the right thing, but as we said at the outmix of this article you can keep going with an unactivated copy of Windows for as long as you need lớn, until you can get the cash together.

If you don’t feel like spending more money and don’t mind something other than Windows, you could also use this as an opportunity to try out Linux. For most desktop users, Ubuntu Linux is a good start và you’ll find plenty of information on our sites khổng lồ get your started. 

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