If you have a problem in your game"s audio ex: no Cutscene sound or no gameplay quotes, then here"s a fix I found

First you"ll go lớn one of these 2 link và download the audio sound, here"s the links

1-cutscene sounds & gameplay sounds without peds voices

2-cutscene sounds & gameplay sounds WITH pedestrians voices

After downloading you"ll find 2 folders in the zip, SFX and Streams

xuất hiện your audio folder for GTA San Andreas, open the SFX folder

And replace the files in this folder with the files in the SFX thư mục of the zip, same thing should be done for the streams folder

After that congratulations guys, your audio problem is solved

If you had any problems, please watch this video

If you still have problems, don"t be shy và reply witb your problem...

Bạn đang xem: The original audio from the folder "rockstar games" for gta san andreas

Edited March 22, 20đôi mươi by lil weaseltitle
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Ahmedmfroezspeed 286

Posted May 25, 2020


Superior OfficerBUSTED

Posted May 25, 2020
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But my game crashes when I start a mission or buying a property when using this audio files. I followed every single detail but still the same problem happens

use silentpatch

if it didn"t work out,use the other audio zip

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GeneralQuartz 0

Posted June 9


Player Hater

Posted June 9(edited)

is this a virus


EDIT: i tried it & its working fine (thanks for this!)

Edited June 10 by GeneralQuartzI forgot to add this part.

Xem thêm: Tìm Hiểu Lsi Keyword Là Gì Và Ảnh Hưởng Của Nó Đến Hoạt Động Seo

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