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Good day!I played this game (diablo 2) several years ago, & its my favorite RPG! Some days before i found this MOD - i liked it & started lớn play! I love it, but.. I need some things to change to lớn my character (Gold, Starting Stats & no more) Is there any character editor which works with this mod?

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I vị not think a character editor will work on the hack. It has been at least a year or 2 since I played the gian lận.
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Character editors dont wokr with mod.But maybe there is another way, how i can gain more gold - how much i want (GameWiz didnt help too)..?Thanks!

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With a hexeditor you should be able khổng lồ bởi vì change nearly everything in your save game.Just search for example for your amount of gold in hexadecimal in your .d2s-file and change it to something greater.
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