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EIGHT THE-CORSICANA, (TEXAS) DAILY SUN, FRIDAY, JULY 10, 1953 Corsfcamãng cầu Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday —By The— SUN LIGHT PUBLISH1NQ CO. Daily Sun mitldins 100 South Main St. Also Publishers SEMI-WEEKLY MORNING MGHT ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE SERVICE WORTHAM AND MARTIN Mrs A. A. Worthnm Lowry Martin Owticrs nnd Publishers Dally Sun nnd Semi-Weekly Light —Associated Publish"! 1 *— Ivnno A. Wnrthnm Unyteo Martin DAILY SUN BUILDING Dinl 4-4704 National Representative sầu TEXAS DAILY PRESS LEAGUE Thành Phố New York — Cl.Icateo — Kansas City San Francisteo. Atlanta, St. Louis. Dallas Subscription Kates SI 60 per month. SIS.00 per year In advance, CorMoann & Nnvarro County. Out o( County, J1.75 per month. S17.oO per year in advance. Entered in the Corsicamãng cầu Post Office us second class mail matter. Notice khổng lồ the Public Any erroneous reflection upon the character, standing or reputation of any per•on firm or co-operation which may up- near in the columns of this paper will be rladly corrected upon dun notice of mime beinp iriven to lớn the editor personally at the Office of Daily Sun Btllldinch. Corsl- the Office eana. Texas. Memberi of The Associated Press The Associated Press Is entitled cjcu- lively to the une for republication of all local news printed in this newspaper as well a» all AP.. news dispatches. CORSICANA, TEX., JULY 10, 1953 SWITCH IN HUNGARY Matyas Rakoski has been deposed as Premier of Hungary. His successor is Imre Nagy, who has promised a number of immediate reforms in the government & economy. Rakoski retains his post in the Hungarian Politburo but it is pos- ible that he will thua thảm even VOTES FOR WOMEN The Central American republic of El Salvador has just given women the right to vote, thereby joining the considerable number of Spanish states in the New World that have placed women on a civic eunique with men. It is somewhat surprising that El Salvador should take this step since it is a country in which many taboos are still placed on women. Oddly, Switzerlvà, which is generally considered one of the best governed and most progressive sầu countries in the world, has not yet granted women the right lớn vote. Americans who ai'e aware of the many reforms that have been accomplished since women in this country were granted the franchise, especially in the fields of child labor & education, wonder why Switzerl& has delayed so long. Edgar A. Guest The Poet Of The People. ENGINEERS ARE CAREFUL For every railroad engineer The rules are plain: He must, unless the road is clear, Slow down the train. His train in Should turn motion, never his baông chồng. he Mile after mile his eyes must he Upon the trachồng. But thoughtless drivers chat with friends: T,~~. ... i. • j.v,of „„,,,-, Aside they stare, this if unrest in that coun- And nev( . r think that ,, fe depends try Continues. | On taking care. Nagy promises khổng lồ abolish HOW LONG CAN HE TAKE IT? some of the impossible industrialization programs inaugurated by his predecessor. He also spoke out in criticism of Rakoski's farm program & intends lớn cut prices & raise wages, a neat triông xã if he can vày it. It is possible that Nagy comes to lớn power as a concession from the Soviet Union to the dissatisfied people of Hungary. The move may be an attempt khổng lồ allay unreat và avert strikes & rebellions similar lớn ones that have sầu occurred recently in other countries behind the Iron Curtain. It seems that in every country where Communism prevails impossible production goals for farms & factories are phối. When these goals are not met farmers, workers và factory authorities are punished as unco-operative. The idea of reducing these pro: iduction goals in Hungary : will be welcomed by the • people and the strategy un: derlining the change in Pre• Tniers may keep the Hun- 'garians in line for a time. . . But the wave sầu of unrest in the satellites is not going to lớn 'be stopped by a few minor ireforms. Unless the Rus- 'eians take an entirely differ- Jent approach to the problem, discontent will spread ivà increase. A sincere .change in the Party Line at- •titude toward these captive 'people isnotlikely. ',* TESTS FOR DRIVERS They'll drive sầu, fear, full-tốc độ without A red light through. And that, a wise old engineer Would never bởi vì. Today's Birthdays By AP. Ncwsfeatures. SPERSARD LINDSEY HOLLAND, born July 10, 1892, at Bartow, Fla., son of school - teaching farmers. Senior Senator from ; Floridomain authority và former governor, Hollvà Is considered one of the ablest strategists in the Southern ' Democratic bloc. In World War I he left his law firm khổng lồ serve in France as a brigade judge advocate & later as an aerial obhệ thống. He was an honor graduate of Emory College. Strength For The Day By EARL I,. DOUGLASS ; ; Many accidents result from physical defects in drivers, such defects as bad eyes, faulty hearing, poor co-ordination, heart trouble & recurrent dizzy spells. In order lớn reduce the number of such accidents the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles intends lớn re- require a physical examination as well as a driverV >thử nghiệm of all applicants for driver's licenses in that state. , The tep'ts may serve several useful purposes. Drivers who are completely unfit may be deterred from endangering their own lives & the lives of others. Drivers with slight defects Will be made aware of their ailments và may be able to lớn take steps to correct them. A driver who is convinced that his physical condition is only the minimum permitted for driving may be inclined lớn drive sầu with more caution. The rule about lớn lie imposed in New Jersey is a sensible one and authorities in all states would bởi well to lớn consider adopting it. , America may be the home page of big business, in the world's eyes, but it also houses a number of little fellows. By count, there are more than nine million business concerns with fewer than twenty-five sầu people. Here again is proof of our versatility, not only apparent for other nations lớn admire, but also standing as a force for those with greedy ideas to lớn respect. DESIGN FOR LIVING When marine architects thiết kế a ship, they anticipate the worst. They provide more water-tight compartments than are ever likely lớn be necessary; they equip the vessel with lifeboats and rafts capable of holding more people than will ever bo aboard; they arrange for life-jackets, emergency flares, auxiliary pumps, và so on. They hope that all this equipment will never have to bo usnd. But they know that if the.se things are ever needed, it will be too late lớn supply them then. Thp wise man prepares for life In thr same way. He hopes for the bodt. hut lie acknowledges the possibility of tho worst. He desires, for example, lớn be honest: but he knows that great temptations may come- to lớn hlặng. Accordingly, he strengthens his own standards by aiming at the high standards set by his religion. HPhường desires to lớn be temperate, but he knows that humans often overindulge; and so he schools himself in thn self-discipline which hi church requires of its members. He desires lớn be happy, but he knows that tragedy may strike any life và that sadness is bound khổng lồ come sometime''lớn all. So he strengthens his religious faith until h" can face whatever somes with pne of our novel, the ot th" two prosperous Ma- tcra.-mê man sisters. Teresa and Carolisa. Thi'v an.' ,10. which is khổng lồ say, that's gi', with Teresa 51 and I r or years desperately skimping to lớn recoup the modest wealth .squandered by their father, they havu ruined their eyesight & their disposition.-! by unremitting toil at lingerie và bridal trousseaux, as tho sign says, and for their elr-gam embroidery they are without rivals. All they know of life is superfine linens & the daintiest, tiniest Ftitrhing. .iobe. their own sophisticated servant has rarely been able to resist a handsome dark man, và the consequenees have sầu twice been tii'andaluus. She resembles a third younger Matarassay đắm sister. Glseldomain authority. whose flesh nl.-o was weak; Khe married, khổng lồ be sure, but was deserted, nnd returner! home half- drudge find half-sister. A fourth sister had a husband too, but he mid she both died leavnii- Remo. H when we mee! hyên ổn. poor orphan, being taken baông chồng khổng lồ the Santa Maria home A handsome dark lad with a beau tiful smile, he finds himself th lo.ie man in the midst of suscepta hie women. They can't bởi vì enougl for hlặng. they think with a flutte of happiness, & that's what h thinks, too. The young rasca doesn't wrap them around his fin ^er. they wrap themselves. The novel wraps you aroutu too, and does it delightfully. It charnu are the lasting cbarms good fiction: Intriguing charade & incident, smart timing & nice commvà of a rich vocabul ry. THE WORLD TODAY By IAMES MARLOW Chapter Fifteen Granting that the girl had been ght in her surmise that Purdy ad fallen inlớn Slash Ta hands, hat would Torgin have done with le oldster? Toted him baông xã to lớn 11? That would have sầu been Tor- n'e natural move If his interest i Purdy were impersonal. And hy had the Brownlee girl sensed hat it was Torgin who'd found urdy? Why not any of a dozen ther ranchers in the Bootjack? uxton'fi long saturnine facc> puck- red with puzzlement there on the any on trail. Seemed Laura Brownee had reason lớn believe that taông xã Torgin had some special in- erest In Packrat Purdy. Therefore he'd automatically thought of orgin when Purdy had turned up lissing. What, then, was that spec- al Interest? Something dating ack to lớn that twenty-four-year-old ffalr? Now Torgin was an old-timer In he basin. Ruxton had also learned lat in Mannington yesterday. Give sầu ne of those town yokels a smile nd a wide-eyed look lượt thích you con- dered him more important than President Taft and you could get n answer to anything, provided ou put the question so you didn't ound lượt thích you were plain nosey, nd when you added one piece of nformation khổng lồ another, you finally ame out with an answer. The Wells- Fargo reward? Was lat what interested Torgin? But Cole Manning hadn't seemed lớn now about the reward, và most eople would likely have forgotten fter twenty-four years. It was only le Slade Ruxtons who went after pportunity instead of waiting for t to knoông xã, digging into dusty ar- hivcs nnd old newspaper files for he hidden gold that wa« sometimes D be found. And so he pondered s he looked down upon Slash 7 He watched as Torgin came rom the house—no mistaking that ig, blocky figure—và with hyên ổn ame a tall man whom Ruxton was ertain he'd never seen before. Neir hnd he ever laid eyes on the toop-shouldcrcd figure between le.two. but that was the one who eally interested hyên ổn. He'd wrang- d a mô tả tìm kiếm of Packrat Purdy rom the townspeople, và he'd ave bet half the Wells Fargo mo- ey that the third man down there •as Purdy. At once Ruxton scurried khổng lồ lump of trees not far from tho Im. He was in those trees and olding tight lớn his mount's nostrils vhen the tall, lean one rode so thua by that Ruxton could almosl ave sầu touched him. A hawk's face ,'lth a pair of pointed eyebrows Blun eyes that were like Ice. A ard one bent upon gryên ổn business Ruxton would remember that fel- ow if he saw hyên ổn again. The ridei urned south & was soon lost rom sight. Ruxton wondered what lan'e mission might be & made 's own shrewd guess. Now that Slash 7 had Purdy, did hey also want Laura Brownlee in he bag? The girl wae down there o the south, in that dugout with Cole Manning, unless the two hac "ecamped last night. Ruxton won- ered what a clash between Maning a.nd Icy-Eyes would be lượt thích 'hey both had the look of being ard và quichồng, with a taste for lolence in them. But he decided lo'd put his betting money on Icy"Syes, given the choice. The trouble vith the Cole Mannings was tnhì hey ran around loaded down with giao dịch, và sometimes the load slow- d them. He thought of this as he rode oward Manning-ton, and he gol he uncomfortable feeling that may >e his judgment was wrong. Study ng on it, he knew with disconcert ng certainty that Cole Manning was the real menace to any schem ng he. Slade Ruxton, might vị lou could find at least a little avar ce in most men, và thus you could 'est them at the game, for you were he artiKan of opportunity. Ruxton had Sheriff Burke Grif in pointed out lớn hyên in Manning ""• hut he'd swapped no words Buy BOSWELL'S MILK AT YOUR DOOR OR AT YOUR STORE. trang chủ Owned— trang chủ Operated. Dave Boswell Milk Company 1019 West Fifth Ave sầu. DIAL 4-8621 with the officer. A slow-witted one, hat Griffin, for sure, a man fat n the body và fat in the head. Often you could sell these reuben itar-toters a fancy tuy nhiên & get hem eating out of your h&.

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It had been Slade Ruxton'e experience that most men could be tools f properly approached. But you had to lớn be careful. He'd followed L number of careers in Montana his past decade, all of them, of a kind to lớn keep his hands soft, his mind sharp, and his pockets lined. But the misses were as frequent as the hits, no matter how cagy person was. He sighted Griffin's town ahead và came across the bridge and nto lớn the main street, and as he passed the tail building, he saw the Dortly figure of Griffin in a chair on the sagging porch. He only lifted bis hvà lớn Griffin in passing, & he received a lazy salute in return. He rode on to lớn the livery & put his horse awav &, mindful of both his appearance & his hunger, chose to take care of his appearance first. A smell of talc always impressed these small-town- ers. Moreover, tho barber had proved a fonts of knowledge when Ruxton had stopped in yesterday afternoon for a hair trim he hadn't needed. Ruxton dropped Inkhổng lồ the chair a second time & ordered a shave sầu. "Machồng Torgin in town today?" he asked. 'Ain't seen hyên ổn," the barber said gruffly. Wariness at once touched Ruxton. Hatl it got around that he'd been asking too many questions without giving any information about himself? "I buy a few cattle once in a while." he said "Heard Torgin might have sầu some for sale." ''He might," the barber agreed his voice a little friendlier. Ruxton waited till the shaving was done and the cloth whlsko-J away. Stepping to the mirror and adjusting his string tie, he willed his face lớn an expression of friendly conspiracy. "Look," he said then 'I m a stranger và ripe for a fleecing. Here's a twenty-dollar bill to lớn stave sầu off my being swindler! All I want is the answer to lớn a fair question: Is Torgin the kind to lớn play a mite crooked?" The barber looked at the greenbaông chồng. "Go ask Doc Brownlee" he said. "The man who runa the hospital? Why him?" The barber took the hill. "It 1 whispered around that Torgin'? been butchering some diseased beef. I ain't saying it's so mind you. But talk has it that Brownee may have to lớn lower the axe cộ on hyên ổn. Doc's county health official ' He folded the bill and tucked i away. -T don . t hold w(th a man selling poisoned meat. The shave's on the house." "Thanks," Ruxton said moved out to lớn the street. (To he continued) Former Resident Is Seriously 111 Lee F. Buchồng, resident of Navar. more than trăng tròn years, now of Pampage authority is recovering from a heart attaông xã suffered June 19, according khổng lồ re ports received here. He has beer able khổng lồ be moved from the High Land General Hospital to lớn his home page 803 W. Foster, Pampa. He will re main in bed several more weeks A World War I veteran, Buông xã i a thành viên of the Johnson-Wiggin Post No.22, American Legion, Cor slcana, and a member and deabé of the Mildred Baptist church The Buông xã family moved khổng lồ Pamp last March. anc ALLIED FENCE CO., Inc. • Ail-Steel Chain Link Fencing. • Rust-proof Galvanized Material. No Down Payment. FREE ESTIMATES! gọi Factory Representative— Spencer Elliott, Jr. DIAL 4-8896 Little Benny Featuring BFNNV POTTS— Boy Of Today - - By LEE PAPE WASHINGTON, July 10.—(;P)— Sen. McCarthy of Wisconsin took a beating on the case of J. B. Matthews. He got inkhổng lồ trouble almost from the moment he hired the man. In the kết thúc he ran head-on into President Eisenhower và the American clergy. Then he folded, but not until then. McCarthy seemed fascinated by the 59-year-old Matthews, a chubby-faced man whom the senator called a "star-spangled American" và an "outstanding authority" on subversion. He considered himself one of Matthews' "pupils và admirers." Three weeks ago he hired Matthews as executive director of McCarthy's Senate investigating subcommittee staff. Magazine Article Follows Shortly afterwards the American Mercury magazine appeared with an article by Matthews. The opening paragraph said Protestant clergymen comprise "the largest single group supporting the Communist apparatus." And Matthews' article said further that in the last 17 years the Communists had enlisted 7,000 Protestant clergymen as spies, Communists, fellow-travelers or dupes. Matthews claimed to lớn be in a position to lớn know. He had been a fellow-traveller himself. He was not one of those people who know from childhood the career they will follow as the Washington Star found out in an interview not long before McCarthy showed him the gate. "Hungry For Solutions" Matthews, said the Star, described himself as a man "ever hungry for extreme solutions lớn the problems of the world." His career seems lớn bear out the description: He was a Methodist minister but later, when he became a Marxist Sociacác mục và a fellow-traveler, attacked the clergy as tools of capitalism. He worked with Socialists & Communists in 28 front organizations until he got fed up with the Communists, too, và became an anti-Communist. Seemingly without great difficulty, he shifted from accusing the clergy of being tools of capitalism khổng lồ accusing thousands of them of being tools of communism. For years he has been a professional expert on communism and subversion. But when McCarthy hired Matthews và then the American Mercury article appeared, the senator found out he was in trouble. McCarthy, a Roman Catholic himself, has steered clear of involvement with the clergy of any faith. Operates Shrewdly Although he's been in some hot and embarrassing spots, McCarthy has operated very shrewdly since the time he first got national attention three years ago with his charge that the State Department was loaded with Communists. But by holding onto lớn Matthews, và even defending hlặng, it seemed not unlikely that McCarthy might turn millions of religious-minded people against him, particularly Protestants, since it was the Protestant clergy that Matthews had written about. When four of the seven senators on his committee demanded that Matthews be fired, McCarthy said no. He had Mathews' resignation but wouldn't accept it. The Democrats took the fight khổng lồ the floor of the Senate Thursday. McCarthy backed up a little, but not to the point of getting rid of Matthews. And then the White House made an announcement. Ike Gets Prothử nghiệm A Catholic priest, a rabbi and a Presbyterian minister, representing the National Conference of Christians & Jews, had sent President Eisenhower a telegram which didn't mention Matthews by name but denounced his attaông chồng. Eisenhower, in a reply which didn't mention Matthews or McCarthy, said: "Generalized & irresponsible attacks that sweepingly condemn the whole of any group It Happened 25 Years Ago Today (From the Files of the Corsicana Daily Sun.) Presidential Nominee Al Smith was presented with a derby hat measuring five sầu feet long & four feet high. Boy Scouts in Thành Phố New York made the presentation . The Esperson building in Houston was sold today lớn the W. L. Moody III-O. R. Seagraves interests for $5,00),000. The WCTU head in Evanston, 111., predicted that Herbert Hoover could thảm bại the Eastern States & still be elected president. ^ Clara Bow was the star of "Ladies of the Mob" now showing at the Palace here. Mr. & Mrs. M. F. Osborne and Miss Mary Louise Hughes left for Houston & Galvcston for a week's pleasure trip. Mrs. Alger Jones và daughters Jacqueline and Poanna o£ Nacogdoches, had been guests of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Kerr. Rev David Shepperson, accompanied by Jack Hughes, Harry Blanding, Evelyn Spikes, Marjons Paul and Lucille Green, returned from Belton where they attended the Junior Christian Endeavor meeting. • __ of citizens are alien lớn America. It was right there that McCarthy quit. He accepted Matthews' resignation. McCarthy had crossed swords with Eisenhower before: by trying unsuccessfully lớn bloông chồng the President's nomination of Charles E. Bohlen as ambassador to Russia; by bypassing the State Department in trying khổng lồ make giao dịch with Greek shipowners not lớn trade with Red. China; and by hammering away at the State Department. Except for backing Bohlen, Eisenhower has been almost meek in dealing with McCarthy. But this time, on an issue which cut across all political lines because it involved religion, Eisenhower spoke out. It was too much for McCarthy. Pop was Io6king at the finan- ial page kind of sad, và ma said William, what's the difference be- ween tariffs và taxes? That's not a question, is it? >op said, và ma said, Well what o you suppose it is? It sounds like a riddle, pop said, & ma said, What's the anser. vhatever it is? Tariffs are duties imposed on 'orrin goods, and taxes, please dont remind me, pop said, và ira said, Well, tariffs bring the government in money, dont ,hey, và so do taxes, dont they? Yes, Including mine, in a modest way, pop said, and ma said, Bui high tariffs discourage forrin trade, dont they? To some extent, yes, that's the generel idea of them, pop said, and rra said, then it's the wrong dea, because if the goods .dont come in, we cant collect the tar- ffs, no matter how high it is, but ,f we made the tariffs low enough he goods woould flow in lượt thích mad, and the government would collect mutch revenue they could af- : ord to lớn reduce taxes down to ^radically nuthing, và at the same time we women could buy all manner of wonderful cheep :hings from Paris and London & other frendly cities. So you see, William, it just needs a woman's viewpoint, she said. And what about our manufact- erers, who couldn't sell their ?oods if they weren't protected ; rom forrin trade? pop said, & ma said, Oh, there must be a so- ution lớn that. Maybe that angle needs a child's viewpoint, pop said. Benny, hav" you eot any ideas? he said, và I said, Aw, I'm. reeding my coml 1 : DOOk. By gollies, rr.aybe that's lust where the anser is, pop said. Being the end of the subject. Dr. Williamson Rites Thursday DAWSON, July 10.—(SpU—Fu- neral services for Dr. W. A. Wil- .iamson, 82, who died in St. Mary's Hospital in Galveston Wednesday, were held from the First Methodist' church here Thursday at 4 p. m. Burial was in the Dawson cemetery. He had been 111 for several months. Dr. Williamson practiced medicine in this area until six years ago. The ritos were conducted by Rev. Burt Gillis, pastor of the church. Surviving are a son, Melton Wil- amson, Texas City: a daughter. Mrs. Jachồng Michael. Galveston, và several grand-children. Wolfe Funeral trang chủ directed. » Unofficial temperature readings of 180 degrees in the ?un have been recorded along the Persian Gulf coast of Iran says the National Geographic Socifty. MOTOR TUNE-UP Brakes. JACK SISCO MOTORS Corsicana's Kg&jjjgjft^ Dealer 12th và Collin — Dial 4-5631 Your credit is good! The word SERVICE in its many uses has many meanings... but as applied lớn Texas Power & Light Company... a. million & a. half people depending on electric power, day & night, for work or play; ££ /ff