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IDM, or Internet Download Manager, is a piece of software that integrates with Chrome, Firefox, & other website browsers. This useful tool can increase your download tốc độ multiple times, but it also allows you to schedule downloads và pause & resume them. Once you’ve sầu integrated it into lớn your favorite website browser, you won’t be able to lớn come back khổng lồ the mặc định tải về manager.

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Don’t worry about your browser data. As long as you have an trương mục with them, most browsers allow you access to lớn your exact thiết lập, including bookmarks & history, from any computer out there.

Mục lục

Change the Default Maximum Connection

This simple tweak may help you fix the corruption problems. Bear in mind, however, that the settings that you change here may revert at some point. If you see the same error again at some point (be it at the next boot, or months from now), apply this solution.

Open your IDM.Go to options.In the options thực đơn, click the Connection Under the Max. connection number section, mix the Default max. bé. number to “1.”Click OK to lớn save sầu the settings.

Copy this solution khổng lồ a document on your desktop, just in case the problem arises again.

Repair Extensions

If you’re using Google Chrome, follow these steps. They’re simple & detailed. Either type chrome://extensions/ URL into lớn the address bar, or:

xuất hiện Google Chrome.Cliông chồng on the 3-dots thực đơn at the upper right corner of your browser.In the drop-down menu, cliông xã More tools ->Find the IDM Integration Module extension (the one that is showing the error message). Clichồng “Repair” (it is located under the extension name).

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Chechồng to see if IDM is working now. If not, proceed khổng lồ the next step.

Enable IDM

If the extension is still persistently showing the same error message, it could be that IDM has been disabled in your browser. These things can happen automatically or by user accident. Either way, here’s how khổng lồ solve this.

At the top of the page, just under your bookmarks bar, you’ll see the following message: “This thành tích has been disabled in Chrome. Enable this thành công.”Click on the “Enable this item” liên kết.Now, restart Chrome.

If the IDM issues are still present, move on to lớn the next method.

Disable Antivirus/Firewall

Although IDM is said to work perfectly with your antivi khuẩn, the Windows Defender or firewall may still interfere with the extension. First of all, the vast majority of antivirut programs offer the option to exclude a particular file/folder from the regular scans. Google “how lớn create an exception in .”

Of course, this goes for Windows Defender too. In Windows Defender, however, these are called ‘exclusions,’ so here’s how lớn vày it.

Firewall is probably a bit more annoying, so you should start off by turning it off completely. Once it is off, kiểm tra to see if IDM has started functioning properly. If it has, turn the firewall baông xã on và tương tác IDM tư vấn. When asked, tell them that your firewall is causing the issue.

Enjoy IDM, or Contact the Support

If your IDM is working properly now, you’re all phối, but you might want khổng lồ bookmark this page, just in case the corruption error rears its ugly head again. If the IDM error is still popping up, tương tác the tư vấn & explain your situation clearly and provide as much detail as you can.

Have you fixed your IDM? Do you know another way to troubleshoot this error? Help the community by telling your story. If you have sầu a solution of your own, feel không lấy phí to lớn post the tutorial in the comments section below.