Lỗi excel found unreadable content in

When trying to lớn open an Excel spreadsheet in Office 2007/2010, you may come across the following error message:

"Excel found unreadable nội dung in '.xlsx'. Do you want khổng lồ recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes."


On clicking ‘Yes’, any of these scenargame ios may occur:

Your Excel tệp tin might open but formatting may be lost, formulas replaced with values, & other such inconsistencies can crop up.The error is followed by another error message. For instance, you may encounter “The tệp tin is corrupt và cannot be opened” error message.

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Quick Solution: If your Excel spreadsheet contains valuable data, we recommend you to use Stellar Repair for Excel software to lớn restore your spreadsheet khổng lồ its original, intact state. The software can repair multiple .xls/.xlsx files in just three simple steps. Download the miễn phí trial version of the software from the links below khổng lồ validate its efficiency.

What Causes ‘Excel Unreadable Content’ Error?

You may encounter ‘Excel tệp tin unreadable content error’ due to corruption of complete Excel file or corruption of one or more objects in the tệp tin.

Workarounds to lớn Fix ‘Excel Unreadable Content’ Error

Following are some workarounds you can try to resolve sầu this error:

See this: How to lớn recover data from corrupt or damaged Excel tệp tin 2010 và 2007?

Workaround 1: Make the Excel File ‘Read-only’

Try khổng lồ open your '.xlsx' tệp tin by making it 'read-only'. Follow these steps:

In Excel, clichồng File from the main thực đơn.In the screen that appears, select Save for new document or Save sầu As for previously saved document.


From the ‘Save sầu As’ dialog box, click Tools > General Options.


Clichồng on the ‘read-only’ checkbox lớn make the document read-only, & then click OK


mở cửa a new and blank '.xlsx' tệp tin và copy everything from the corrupt Excel file lớn this new tệp tin. Save this tệp tin và try to lớn open it again.

Workaround 2: Move Excel File khổng lồ a New Folder

Some users have reported that they were able to open their Excel tệp tin, following the ‘Excel unreadable content’ error, by simply moving the file to lớn a different thư mục.

Workaround 3: Install Visual Basic Component

At times, it is seen that installing the 'Visual Basic' component of MS Office 2010 resolves the ‘Excel found unreadable nội dung 2010’ error message. To bởi so, follow these steps:

Navigate lớn Control Panel > Programs > select Microsoft Office 2010. Cliông xã Change, and then select Add or Remove sầu Programs.

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Next, cliông xã the 'plus' sign provided next lớn Office Shared Features. Clichồng Visual Basic for Applications. After that, right-clichồng và choose Run from My Computer, và hit the Continue button.Reboot your system when this process finishes.

Steps to lớn Repair Corrupt Excel File with Stellar Repair for Excel Software

Install and run Stellar Repair for Excel software.From the software main interface window, cliông xã Browse to select the corrupt tệp tin. If you are not aware of the corrupt Excel file location, click on the Search button.


Click on the Repair button to lớn scan and repair the selected file.


A pnhận xét window will open with recoverable Excel file data. Once satisfied with the pnhận xét result, clichồng on the Save sầu File button on File menu to lớn start repair process.


Select the destination lớn save sầu the tệp tin.


Cliông chồng OK when the ‘Repaired file saved successfully’ message appears.


 The repaired Excel tệp tin will get saved at the selected location.

I have exactly the same problem - và it appeared suddenly và only for 2 excel files. I open my file without any problem in the morning, I copy paste some new data then save... as I always did it before. Now if I want lớn re-open the tệp tin, I get an error message. What really weird is, is that one of my colleagues can open it... so he can save sầu it under another name và send it baông xã lớn me... and then, it works!!It"s a real pain in the*** as it now happens every day! I don"t know why my colleague can read it và not meto answer the previous question, no, it does not happen with all files.... & also, it used khổng lồ work so far (I changed nothing)the real message is: "Excel found unreadable nội dung in "TEMP_XXX_2014_03.xls" (name of my file). Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, cliông xã yes"