Reliable E-Mail Server, Email Security, E-Mail Encryption, Thư điện tử Archiving, thiết bị di động Device Management, Remote Administration, Webmail, Instant Messenger, và Exchange Migration in one download. Flexible tin nhắn management, security and collaboration features for on-premises, virtual, or hosted server deployments.

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Trusted by Businesses for 20 Years Affordable. Reliable. Secure. Simple Control of Communication và Collaboration

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For customers that want control và security of their tin nhắn server software. Great! Learn more below...

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MDaetháng (pronounced M-Day-mon) is one of the most widely used mail servers in the world, trusted by customers in over 90 countries to meet the needs of their small lớn medium sized businesses. MDaemon is a reliable & secure mail VPS that does not require expensive sầu administration or impose high per-user costs. It simplifies messaging and collaboration requirements with an intuitive, user-friendly design offering enterprise-class features that can be managed with minimal training and support.

MDaetháng Email Server SmarterMail MailEnable Kerio Connect Zimbra Network Edition Pro IceWarp UC Server Office 365 Business Essentials (Enterprise E1 Plan) Microsoft Exchange Standard









Based on 100-user license, & publicly-available pricing as of December 20đôi mươi. Pricing comparison note: MDaetháng includes features at no cost (e.g., archiving, instant messaging, etc.) that may be offered by its competitors for additional cost. In such cases, those additional costs have been included khổng lồ create more accurate product price comparisons.

Clichồng Here to lớn CompareThree Year Cost of Ownership

Three-Year Cost of Ownership: Total

(includes cost of Windows Server for MDaetháng và Exchange) No. of Users MDaemon E-Mail Server* Microsoft Exchange 2013 Hosted Exchange Office 365 Business Essentials (Enterprise E1 Plan)** 5 10 25 50 100 200 300 400 500 1000 2500 *MDaemon includes webmail with liên hệ, calendar, notes, document sharing & business instant messaging, in addition to basic anti-spam and remote administration. **Office 365 includes basic email, Office online, và Lync (video clip conferencing and IM). 1Microsoft cost calculated from
$ 1,346 $ 1,880 $ 720 $ 900
$ 1,558 $ 3,060 $ 1,440 $ 1,800
$ 1,771 $ 6,600 $ 3,600 $ 4,500
$ 1,992 $ 12,500 $ 7,200 $ 9,000
$ 2,425 $ 24,300 $ 14,400 $ 18,000
$ 2,692 $ 59,700 $ 36,000 $ 36,000
$ 2,913 $ 71,500 $ 43,200 $ 54,000
$ 3,090 $ 95,100 $ 57,600 $ 115,2001
$ 3,267 $ 118,700 $ 72,000 $ 144,0001
$ 4,491 $ 236,700 $ 144,000 $ 288,0001
$ 5,545 $ 590,700 $ 360,000 $ 720,0001

Three-Year Cost of Ownership: Per User, Per Month

(includes cost of Windows Server for MDaetháng & Exchange) No. of Users MDaetháng E-Mail Server* Microsoft Exchange 2013 Hosted Exchange Office 365 Business Essentials** 5 10 25 50 100 200 300 400 500 1000 2500 *MDaemon includes webmail with contact, calendar, notes, document sharing and business instant messaging, in addition to basic anti-spam & remote administration. **Office 365 includes basic gmail, Office online, và Lync (Clip conferencing & IM).
$ 7.48 $ 10.44 $ 4.00 $ 5.00
$ 4.33 $ 8.50 $ 4.00 $ 5.00
$ 1.97 $ 7.33 $ 4.00 $ 5.00
$ 1.11 $ 6.94 $ 4.00 $ 5.00
$ 0.67 $ 6.75 $ 4.00 $ 5.00
$ 0.37 $ 8.29 $ 4.00 $ 5.00
$ 0.27 $ 6.62 $ 4.00 $ 5.00
$ 0.21 $ 6.60 $ 4.00 $ 8.00 (Enterprise E1)
$ 0.18 $ 6.59 $ 4.00 $ 8.00 (Enterprise E1)
$ 0.12 $ 6.57 $ 4.00 $ 8.00 (Enterprise E1)
$ 0.06 $ 6.56 $ 4.00 $ 8.00 (Enterprise E1)

Feature Comparison Guides

Listed below are individual PDFs comparing the features in MDaemon to lớn other currently available mail server software. This information was compiled using publicly available information about each of the competitive products.

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E-Mail Server Features


MDaemon supports IMAP.., SMTPhường, và POP3 protocols và delivers solid performance from its feature-rich và user-friendly thiết kế. Our mail VPS software delivers low total cost of ownership (TCO) value designed lớn meet the needs of small- to lớn medium-sized business customers. MDaetháng is available in multiple languages and supports mailing lists, nội dung filtering, multiple domains while offering flexible administration and an open standards thiết kế.Learn More

E-Mail Security Features


MDaetháng incorporates multiple layers of security techniques such as Relay Controls, IP Shielding, SMTP.. Authentication, và reverse lookups khổng lồ minimize possible VPS exploits. It uses the advanced email authentication techniques of Vouch By Reference (VBR), and validates và signs messages using DKIM, DK, Sender-ID, and SPF. Combined with its antispam engine, Bayesian Learning, SSL/TSL, backscatter protection, & MDaemon AntiVirus"s proactive malware prevention it provides layered protection to safeguard your messaging communications.Learn More

E-Mail Encryption Features


MDaetháng allows you to lớn encrypt your emails và attachments. On the client-side, MDaetháng Webmail users can enable basic encryption features when sending emails và attachments within the Webmail settings menu. On the hệ thống side, Open PGPhường for MDaetháng gives administrators complete control over encryption, decryption, & encryption key management features.Learn More

Thư điện tử Archiving Features


MDaemon"s integrated gmail message archiving capabilities make it easy to lớn safeguard your gmail messages to lớn address regulatory requirements và the IT policies of your business.Learn More

Smartphone Device Management Features


Looking for wireless access to email, calendar, contacts, or tasks using your Mobile device? MDaemon works with many popular sản phẩm điện thoại devices so that regardless of platsize, you will have sầu access to lớn your important information wherever you are.Learn More

Remote Administration Features


MDaemon includes a convenient Remote Administration tool that provides administrators full access to lớn all of MDaemon"s features from any computer with a web browser & an Internet connection. This allows you to lớn bởi vì everything from adding or editing accounts, lớn directly editing configuration files, to reviewing logs for troubleshooting email delivery issues, và so much more. With MDaemon"s built-in SSL capabilities, remote admin can even be accessed via a secure connection using HTTPS.Learn More

Webmail Features


MDaemon Webmail is easy to use và offers all of the features needed by small-to-medium business customers. It provides groupware collaboration for sharing gmail folders, calendars with free/busy scheduling, contacts, distribution lists, tasks, and notes. Offering desktop gmail performance from wherever you are with Internet service and a website browser.Learn More

Instant Messenger Features


MDaetháng Instant Messenger is a Closed Instant Messaging desktop client (app), included không tính phí with MDaetháng, that provides highly secure Instant Messaging (IM), logging, file sharing, group chat, & an gmail notification tray applet to provides quick access lớn MDaemon Webmail"s features.Learn More

Exchange Migration Features


Moving from one mail server to lớn another typically poses a significant challenge but MDaetháng makes it simple. The integrated MDMigrator feature, included with MDaemon, is designed specifically to migrate your data from Exchange lớn MDaemon with a few simple steps that will have you up & running on MDaemon with minimal downtime.Learn More

Customer đánh giá (4 stars | 50 reviews)

 It can"t be beat
Robert5205-Jan 22, 2019

I spun up an MDaemon VPS about 11 months ago. I spent at least a year trialing it & hammering on it relentlessly.

I can"t think of any program (other than Veeam) that I"ve been more satisfied with. And cost-wise, it can"t be beat.

There are a few improvements I"d like khổng lồ see. The tin nhắn equivalent of a "packet tracer," for example, that would tell you why an email failed khổng lồ be sent or received. Sometimes it can be hard to lớn trachồng down if you don"t bởi it every day.

I"ve found two minor bugs in the program that were acknowledged and will probably be fixed in future releases. But the point is that they acknowledged them and gave sầu me a work-around that was simple. Upgrading through several minor releases & a major release went flawlessly.

We"ve sầu converted 100% lớn the webmail client - our users love it. In 10 months, MDaetháng processed 1.2 million emails for us.

 Roông chồng solid product
ianmacdonald3-Oct 13, 2017

Been installing this since the late 90"s, & for the IT guy it"s a breath of fresh air compared to the headaches that Exchange gives. Rarely gives trouble, và problems are mostly easy to diagnose. Much more flexible than Exchange, and will work with any standard SMTP. trương mục. Includes as standard many features that are expensive add-ons for Exchange. Settings and data are in files rather than a database, which makes for greater transparency.

What are the pros?Easy cài đặt, easy migration lớn another VPS. Just works, hardly ever any downtime. Really nice webmail program. Highly configurable. Does not require active directory, but can be run on a DC and use its tài khoản authentication. Has most of the collaboration features of Exchange including shared calendars, tasks, notes, etc. Some clients use the webmail VPS as their main tin nhắn platform, in which case everything is on the hệ thống, all that"s needed on the client is a browser.

What are the cons?The tệp tin based storage means that large mailbox access does get a mite slow on mechanical disks. No problem with a couple of enterprise grade SSDs though. Integration with Outlook is less complete than with Exchange, và won"t always satisfy the Microsoft-worshippers who expect all of the more obscure features lớn be there.

 I have sầu always been an exchange person
George4990-Feb 3, 2017

I have always been an exchange person. I have inherited MDaemon in my current position. I honestly have sầu mixed feelings about the sản phẩm. Admin function seems easy enough, but the Outlook Connector leaves a lot to lớn be desired. Am looking at O365....

 We currently use this for our email
Tom3925-Nov 10, 2015

We currently use this for our gmail. I find it pretty easy to lớn use, và they have sầu great support, both by phone and via spiceworks!

 I"ve been using MDaemon since 1997
claudiopanerai-Dec 4, 2014

I"ve sầu been using MDaemon since 1997. Roông xã solid & super secure. Really nice & easy to lớn admin hàng hóa. Useful in any IT environment it can really help people to lớn vị more with less. Content Filter is my favourite feature.

 Ran MDaemon for 10 years went through several upgrades
kwwillingham-Sept 25, 2014

Ran MDaemon for 10 years went through several upgrades. Is a really nice mail hệ thống for the company who thinks they are too small for Microsoft Exchange. I has some of the same features but not as robust. MDaetháng is a strong software for smaller environments. I had roughly 100 accounts setup and used the Antivirus plug in, also they worked well.

 We"ve sầu been using MDaetháng Pro for one year which has been a complete success
M.W. Scott-July 10, 2014

We"ve been using MDaemon Pro for one year which has been a complete success. We are about lớn tăng cấp to lớn the lachạy thử version at this time v14. MDaemon"s support has been great the few times we needed it, they were always willing to assist with a cheerful attitude. MDaemon has also implemented multiple suggestions we have made khổng lồ the MDeatháng software. Our employees have sầu been starting lớn take advantage of the instant messenger, shared folder/calendars that is built inkhổng lồ MDaetháng. I"ve sầu been taking advantage of the simplithành phố of the administration side of the software. I"m looking forward to the future with MDaemon.MDaemon Messaging Server+ Outlook Connector for MDaemon+ ActiveSync for MDaemon

 MDaemon is an excellent product
AceOfSpades-Mar 5, 2014

MDaetháng is an excellent product. We"ve been installing this at clients for many years. Either as a standalone mail hệ thống, or as a SPAM filtering solution to lớn Microsoft Exchange. Backing up và restoring is a breeze. I love sầu it!

ryanmcdermott-Feb 24, 2014

READ THIS IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING MDAEMON.This may not pertain to lớn you or it may save sầu you some wasted time/money.

Mdaemon is great as a basic mail hệ thống. It is reliable, has a lot of great options & features và is very intuitive sầu. The tech support is leaps and bounds over other tech support I have used. It seems like every tech support guy knows just about everything about the system. We have sầu 1150 users and are very happy with the overall system.

There is only ONE BAD THING I have sầu to lớn say about it, but it is really a HUGE thing.When you send an tin nhắn lớn multiple tin nhắn lists it will process one gmail per danh mục. This causes many problems for our users. Let"s make a hypothetical set of 3 lists called các mục 1, list 2 & menu 3. Now let"s say that somebody toàn thân sent an tin nhắn lớn all 3 of these lists, here are the problems that arise due khổng lồ poor design:1) If I am in các mục 1 và danh sách 2 I will get 2 emails, one for each danh mục. A minor annoyance but still annoying nonetheless, especially for already confused over users.2) If I try to reply all to one of the lists I will only be sending an tin nhắn lớn one danh sách, because the other list is in the other email that I received! The emails are processed separately, one at a time.3) I will never know that an email has been sent lớn anyone in list 3 because I am not in list 3 và did not receive a duplicate gmail for that list! And if the people in các mục 3 are not in lists 1 and 2 they will never know that those lists received the email either!

So if you have sầu different departments with their own email lists & need khổng lồ communicate with select lists at a time forget about it, it"s not happening. Thus, the docking of 2 stars because communication is sort of the purpose of an tin nhắn system and this flaw BREAKS DOWN communication between gmail lists.

EVERY OTHER MAIL SYSTEM does not behave this way. You only get one gmail even if you are in multiple tin nhắn lists và you can reply khổng lồ all.

I have also spoken khổng lồ the truly wonderful (not being sarcastic) tư vấn on this issue many times. They know the inside & out of their system. And the word is "That is how the system was designed."

Scott Alan Miller-Jan 31, 2014

These guys are awesome. If you are looking for low cost, easy khổng lồ manage on premise gmail - especially in the SMB with Windows admins, this is where you want lớn start.

Muhammad Ovais-Jan 11, 2014

well i have sầu been using it for quite some time and it is very good fast easy to use và manage

peter2cfu-July 22, 2013

We have sầu several installations some even as far back as 2000, It just works, intuitive, simple & very easy lớn trouble shoot and just keeps on working.

Wookie1810-July 16, 2013

I"ve sầu used mDaetháng for over 13 years and have sầu never had an issue with it.It is...> Fast> Reliable> Secure> Easy to lớn migrate from one hệ thống lớn another> Simple to backup and restore, which is handy when your hardware fails> Tracking emails from end to kết thúc through the system is a piece of cake, thanks lớn the comprehensive sầu logging> The level of control you have sầu with the build in nội dung filter is second khổng lồ none> The fully integrated spam & anti-virut systems are seamless

Pricing is reasonable and tư vấn is truly excellent, plus updates packed with new features và improvements are released regularly.

All in all it is a fantastic system...Well done guys, keep up the great work.

mxtj - July 16, 2013

one of the charity company i worked before used it since their inception. The IT admin loved it for its reliability.

rob andrews-July 15, 2013

I"ve sầu been working with MDaetháng for 8 years và, while the core sản phẩm has remained as good as it always was, the rest of it has changed hugely. I am a "one man band" looking after the IT for a number of small businesses & have recommended và installed MDaemon servers into lớn 4 of them. MDaemon provides a solid, standards-based mail server, plus Calendar, Liên hệ và message sharing within Outlook, plus an excellent (and constantly evolving) web mail interface, plus BlackBerry (BES và BIS) & ActiveSync connectivity, plus tin nhắn anti-virut, plus mailing lists. One of my clients uses a mixture of BlackBerry, Apple và Android handheld devices, all synchronising lớn MDaetháng accounts with Outlook Connector synchronising on the desktop. All for (roughly) a quarter of the price of Microsoft Exchange hệ thống. My only disappointment is that I can"t get Outlook Connector for the Mac. If you"ve looked at MDaemon in the past & discounted it for whatever reason, can I urge you to lớn give sầu it another look?

kblackmer-July 8, 2013

Prior to my current job, I owned a consulting business working with smaller companies on their IT needs. Whenever gmail came up, MDaemon was always the first thing I suggested khổng lồ my clients. It was easy lớn thiết đặt, easy to maintain, và even easier lớn monitor. At one point in time, I was managing 14 companies emails using MDaetháng và it ran smoothly at all 14 locations.

Tech Support for this product is second to none. Problems were easily found on their Knowledge Base system for Partners and if the problem wasn"t located there, the tech support staff would be able to lớn get you up và running in no time at all.

I can"t say enough great things about this sản phẩm và I highly recommend this to any company who"s needs might be khổng lồ get basic gmail all the way up to using Outlook Connector and connecting with your iPhone or Blackberry.

This product continues khổng lồ improve sầu with every new release. Two thumbs up for this!

James399-July 8, 2013

We have been using MDaetháng since version 2.7. We use it not as our primary mail server, but as the gateway or border server. Initially we went with MDaetháng because it was the only windows based mail VPS that could handle the number of domain name names the company has effortlessly. By using the Gateway Domain features, we are able to lớn provide a stable platform khổng lồ handle 218 domain name names, verify the receiver exists in the company, trim off 30k of spam mail a week, và be the first line of defense against the unfiltered Internet.

The install & thiết lập of the system is so very easy, & the detail in the logging is fantastic! Anytime there is a mail delivery issue, I am able khổng lồ go through the logs in seconds và find the issue, and while I can"t always fix the issue since 99% of the time it is on the sender"s/receiver"s side, I am able lớn show the exact issue to the person so that their I.T. staff is able to lớn fix it quickly.

The only negative thing I can say about it is that there is no good log reporting tool for MDaetháng. I would love sầu to be able to lớn take the logs inkhổng lồ a database, và generate reports on how many connections were refused & why, have a way to generate a warning if we are getting deliveries refused to existing users, etc.

Internally we have gone from CC Mail, khổng lồ Lotus Notes, lớn Exchange, but MDaetháng has always been at the gateway easing the transition, & protecting these systems from themselves.

kevindvt-July 8, 2013

When switching jobs, I inherited an Mdaetháng install. Prior to lớn that I had been running Exchange for various companies, and I hope I never go back! I don"t miss corrupt PST files, và the overhead of Exchange. There is a slight learning curve, but nothing like Exchange, & Mdaetháng just works... practically all the time, rarely crashes.

We particularly lượt thích the mailing các mục features for our sales dept., they can manage their own lists through website admin, a real plus.

I have sầu since moved on from the original job using Mdaemon, but when it was time to lớn upgrade the mail hệ thống at my current company, Mdaetháng was my first choice.

Berbe-July 3, 2013

Running MDaetháng since 1998. We switched it off during a 2/3 years period to use Lotus Domino, but it was a pain & I finally convinced my manager khổng lồ come baông chồng khổng lồ MDaetháng again. It has been running since then 24/7. I"ve never been so happy. Since 2011 It runs inside a VMware VM, without any problem.- It has all the features, và more, you will ever need in an mail server.- Management is fantastically easy.- Great tư vấn, big community of users, constant updates.- Very stable

I disagree with the opinion of some of my colleagues here who say it is a sản phẩm for basic email, maybe my company is small (150 people) but has all the mailing needs of any large company, MDaetháng has never failed me.

What I most lượt thích is it"s very easy to lớn manage. You can vì whatever you want with just two mouse clicks. (The whole IT staff it"s only me và I appreciate this)

Erv.M-June 13, 2013

The mail VPS is great if all you want is a basic mail hệ thống. When it gets lớn syncing contacts & calendard they use an outlook connector (does not work with 64 bit outlook or Outlook 2013) and activesync (an older version which Outlook 2013 does not support). The outlook connector itself has some issues with syncing gmail, its just slow & hangs up, I actually compared this side by side with the same mailbox using imap vs outlook connector. Imap is twice as fast. These issues & laông chồng of advancement in the activesync & outlook connector is a huge hinder.

Overall a good contender for a simple mail VPS, but not as an Exchange alternative sầu.

 Great mail server but administration can be a bear if you are not familiar with the software
Ryan_B-June 6, 2013

Great mail server but administration can be a bear if you are not familiar with the software. I am familiar with Microsoft Exchange và walking inlớn an environment with MDaetháng was a bit challenging.

101011001110-April 18, 2013

We used a previous version of MDaetháng. I have sầu to lớn say that it was the bomb when trying lớn troubleshoot delivery errors. The logs were straight forward and fairly easy to read.

When our "fearless leader" had to have Exchange, it was a complete mess trying to lớn look at trace logs to figure out why gmail was getting rejected, or to verify that the mail had been delivered to the server. Moving off of MDaetháng was a big mistake both in support & in the price for Exchange and the hardware khổng lồ run it on.

MDaemon"s custom filtering is easy và intuitive.

If I were khổng lồ recommend a mail VPS for any company, MDaemon would be my first choice.

jalal.nourbakhsh-Jan 24, 2013

I"m Using MDaemon from Ver. 2.x up to lớn now ( Ver 13.0.4 ). I decided lot of times to lớn Move on to the Exchange, but whatever i consult lớn others, cause cancel the idea và so Still using MDaemon & really i & our users pleasure when working with it.

Xem thêm: Download Tải Foxit Reader Full Crack Full Phần Mềm 2020, Tải Foxit Pdf Editor 3

By the way, one of the features can help our Users is LookOut theme that"s really User friendy & help Users to lớn work"s MDaetháng features as they want.

By the way, MDaetháng Administration Tools và Graphs are very usefull Tools for Administrators & Don"t forget Security Plus which is one of the Best Spam Blocker và give sầu the Ability to lớn Enjoy Users Box without Spam"s e-mail.

The easy Setup, Installation, Configuration & giving Services to lớn Users in also another feature that is very hard to find in other Product"s.

And the last thing"s that is Perfect Support ( Chat / E-mail ) in short time whenever you need Help that give you Relax & you feel a Powerfull Support allways.

I Give, Rate 4.95 of 5 for MDaetháng Server.

Magnus369-Jan 8, 2013

I still wish I was actively using this product- I have one last mdaemon hệ thống, and it"s still as stable as the day I installed it. Makes a great VPS, and incredibly easy khổng lồ thiết lập.

Pat8110-Nov 7, 2012

mDaetháng is an excellent package. One of the true measures of any system is how much downtime you have sầu due to software glitches và all I can say is that I"ve sầu had 99.8% uptime in the last 10 years of administering mDeamon. The 0.2% downtime, well that was due to hardware failures and even then recovery was a breeze with mDaemon.

Simple khổng lồ deploy, easy to lớn administer, full kết thúc to lớn end traông chồng & trace of emails through the VPS & easy partial and/or full recovery, seamless integration with Security Plus và Outlook Connector, built in support for Blackberry, plus spam filtering that works and all at an exceptional price...

Plus if you do get stuchồng or forget how lớn bởi vì something, support is outstanding from MDaemon or the guys at Zen Software in the UK... Oh did I mention that they listen khổng lồ suggestions from their users & implement the best of these in their regular updates that are simple lớn install...

Well done...keep up the excellent work...

 I agree, I used to lớn run Exchange và trying to lớn restore emails was virtually impossible with them hidden
john_burgess_9275439-Sept 13, 2012

I agree, I used to lớn run Exchange và trying to restore emails was virtually impossible with them hidden away in an "access like" database tệp tin. MDaemon"s simple text files allow complete control of the tin nhắn. Just moving a complete folder of emails from one person khổng lồ another is a great timesaver.

Also, the web admin interface does allow remote administration for most things, contrary lớn NewVillageIT - but lượt thích hin I mostly use remote desktop lớn get to the server 2003 machine with 2GB that it is able to lớn support 45 users on. Just remember to defragment the disk fairly often.

Kim7329-Aug 28, 2012

Mdaetháng mail VPS is a great sản phẩm and one I would highly recommkết thúc. After speaking to Kevin & Arron at a local Spicecorp meeting, I was able khổng lồ avoid our company migrating from Mdaetháng to lớn Exchange! The Outlook Connector add-in feature và Active Sync allows you to lớn have sầu most of the functionality of Exchange, but without the complicated management of Exchange. The administration GUI is easy lớn navigate và makes configuration of the hệ thống & individual accounts a cinch! I also found the tư vấn staff khổng lồ be very friendly and helpful.

NewVillageIT-July 4, 2012

Overall - a great mail VPS. We"re a small office of about 50 users.

PROS:- It"s been running on a Windows 2000 VPS with 1 GB RAM for 12 years! I moved it to new hardware - guess why?- Webmail interface lets users access email via website.- Webmail auto-responder when users go "out-of-office".- Built-in anti-virut (Kaspersky)- Built-in spam filter- Content filter feature lets you control how email is processed.- Great logging - useful when users complain about not receiving emails.- Very easy to install and tăng cấp.- Small footprint.- Very easy lớn move sầu lớn different hardware.- Blackberry support.- Great diễn đàn tư vấn.

Steveinator-Jan đôi mươi, 2012

Actually not bad at all. It does have sầu some interface quirks, lượt thích not being able lớn sort by various categories or being able to lớn press a letter to lớn jump lớn the first chiến thắng in a listing starting with that letter. I found the interface would switch itself off very rapidly, too, so I had khổng lồ launch it và then get cracking on whatever I wanted khổng lồ bởi vì pretty quickly.

Still, all in all, it did the job it needed khổng lồ bởi.

TL-O1CU-Aug 11, 2011

I used MDaemon from v2.74 up through v10 when I changed jobs. The features of MDaemon are fantastic. I especially like the content filtering engine that we used to lớn do a wide variety of activities including kicking off scripts when certain messages arrived from other processes that have completed on the network. The way that messages are saved in individual files make restoring individual mailboxes or even individual messages from backup a breeze. The very verbose logging also makes troubleshooting a snap.

Muhammad Bilal-July 17, 2011

Great Lightweight mail hệ thống. I am using it around 6 years. It has great features lượt thích Webmail, RemoteAdmin, AntiVirus, Mailaccessmonitor, maildetective sầu, etc. I very much love this software because what you need khổng lồ cài đặt is just give general information lớn it và start...!!!

Kevin1234-May 18, 2011

We"ve been using it for the last 8 years và have sầu seen great improvements. The lakiểm tra version includes a blackberry hệ thống integration, so that"s a plus. I would recommover for tight budgets. It won"t vì chưng everything that Exchange does, but I wouldn"t expect it with the price.

Stepud-Oct 6, 2010

We"ve used this for years. Makes gmail a doddle; the security gateway cleans 99% of spam before the users see it. It"s a web based client that MS Outlook users find intuitive. It"s fast và does the job without spending huge amounts on hardware và maintenance. UK Support from Zen Software is first rate. It saves us time & money. Regular updates and a management console that is very straight-forward. Comprehensive logs let you traông xã when incoming tin nhắn is bounced.

Armandos-Aug 18, 2010

My personal opinion, there are only two things what I love sầu in MDaemon:

1. Fast và lightweight web client- WorldClient! It just run amazingly fast (eh.. if OC could run so fast..)2. MDaemon user mailbox management is just great, I like that mailboxes are not in one big database but are in files, so that data backup/recovery is much easier to lớn bởi vì.

Allen7534-June 25, 2010

A great lightweight email hệ thống. Company wanted to lớn get inlớn Exchange so used Mdaetháng as a gateway for the Exchange hệ thống. Used the Mdaetháng AV & spamfiltering already thiết đặt & just started the forwarding to lớn Exchange. My local reseller tech support is great although limited to lớn office hours which is the only downer.

DiodeDave-June 8, 2010

Works great, we have sầu been using it for several years. The price is right và the boss loves the easy lớn understand log files.

FSN-June 8, 2010

We"ve sầu been using this for more than a decade and couldn"t be happier.

Once during that decade, we switched khổng lồ Exchange - (our CEO had been talking khổng lồ someone else"s CEO - which should never happen) but the migraines forced us right bachồng lớn MDaemon. Haven"t looked baông chồng since.

Nicolas4703-June 8, 2010

Very reliable and versatile tin nhắn VPS. Also pretty cheap. Love sầu the integration with outlook so the users keep an environment they know.

uwannawat-Dec 18, 2009

I have sầu Mdeatháng running at a number of clients. It is low maintenance. Outlook Connector is reaching the limits of its capabilities as mailbox kích thước increases - it does get somewhat sluggish. Otherwise the anti-spam và antivirus are just awesome. No agro clients with toooo much spam & no vi khuẩn infections arising from e-mail traffic. Our clients compleain when they receive 2 or 3 spam messages in a period that they can rethành viên. Mdaetháng just works và continues khổng lồ work. It is no easy to lớn manage.

AsimovsDog-Sept 9, 2009

MDaetháng is a good sản phẩm from a good company. I installed và maintained it for several years until we became an Exchange cửa hàng. Much easier lớn administer than Exchange and took a small fraction of the hardware resources Exchange demands.

We just got to lớn the point where we needed Exchange - not just a mail hệ thống.

Mark Wright MBCS-Aug 25, 2009

MDaetháng has proved to be reliable & stable for many years now. We have sầu it in two sites & it really does all the important Exchange type functions & several that Exchange can"t vì chưng. Having tried lớn configure Exchange lớn talk to lớn an external mail hệ thống it was a nightmare - in MDaetháng it was child"s play.

The Outlook Connector does have sầu some minor glitches but these vày not interfere with the use of the product. The Webmail is really good in the current version and emulates OWA perfectly.

I would recommend MDaetháng to lớn anyone looking for a cheaper solution lớn groupware collaboration mail hệ thống than Exchange. It is cheaper in all ways - licensing & hardware requirements (you can even run MDaemon on XPhường - try doing that with Exchange!)

The built in Anti-Spam và Anti-Virus have kept us protected và there are also several other security measures including TLS, DKIM, SPF và IPhường. shielding to name just a few.

I"d score 6 out of 5 if I could!

Nadesj-Aug 25, 2009

I used for many years & never had problems with it. The only thing that does not work very good is the outlook connector.

We mainly use thunderbird as our e-mail client, so outlook tư vấn is not really needed.

James4221-Aug đôi mươi, 2009

Have sầu used it for the last 5 years at two companies one with the Outlook Connector. Not quite an exchange killer in my opinion but significantly cheaper, The Antispam seems khổng lồ work very well as does the Antivirut. If you use outlook then the outlook connector gives a much more exchange/outlook lượt thích experience.

Steven-Cox-June 15, 2009

We"ve sầu been using it since 1999. It"s been rochồng solid. I"ve had khổng lồ start mucking with Exchange 2003 in the past 2 years for a side-client, and I hate it. MDaetháng does well with spam and I strongly recommend the anti-virut (Kaspersky) add-on.

We"re not using the Outlook Connector yet. I"d like to see some Đánh Giá of it

Zaber-April 23, 2009

System was roông chồng solid if running the latest version. Once we were no longer receiving updates the system became unstable. This happened on two different versions of MDaemon. The internal spam blocker would also disthẻ the spam headers generated by our antispam/antivi khuẩn firewall which was running a newer version of SpamAssassin.

James3613-April 22, 2009

We have been using this sản phẩm for 2 years và I have had 0 problems. I have not had lớn down there VPS lớn defrag the store lượt thích some other name br& email platsize.

The only issue I would say is if there is a problem digging thru the logs is no fun.

Steve sầu M.-Feb 19, 2009

In 2002 when our company was looking khổng lồ bring our tin nhắn service in house, we looked at all the major players. We decided khổng lồ evaluate MDaetháng và were extremely pleased with the product. Low overhead. Never crashes. Just goes & goes và goes.

For companies concerned about hàng hóa licensing, MDaemon"s webmail client is packaged as part of the mail hệ thống. Webmail was packaged as part of the system years before Exchange did.

The bottom line is this is one roông chồng solid product! And has continued to get better with Blackberry integration.