SUGAR LAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Fire investigators in Sugar Lvà say they are focused on a fireplace & flue system in connection to the deadly fire that killed three children & their grandmother.

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The kids, 11-year-old Olivia Nguyen, 8-year-old Edison Nguyen và 5-year-old Colette Nguyen, along with their grandmother Loan Le, died on February 16 as a winter storm paralyzed Texas.
Investigators say they believe the family was using the fireplace to stay warm after losing power the night before."We definitely want lớn get lớn the bottom of what happened. If we can even save one life, that will be worthwhile. So hopefully they can give us an answer," said Nathan Nguyen, the children"s father.He and their mother, Jackie, are separated và live in different homes.Nathan tells he has spent the past two weeks absorbing the shoông xã, grief & anger over their deaths, and has been waiting khổng lồ build the strength to lớn tìm kiếm for answers."The anger is there you know," Nathan said. "Just because it"s always like, "Why did this happen?""
The family was asleep when the fire broke out.Investigators say a neighbor called 911 around 2 a.m., and when fire fighters arrived on the scene, flames were shooting through the roof.The trang chính was destroyed and the children"s mother, Jackie Pmê say Nguyen, and a friend, were injured in the fire.ORIGINAL STORY: Grandma và 3 children die in Sugar L& house fire, officials say

When firefighters arrived, they found fire shooting out of the front door và window of the home. They say the home was completely engulfed.

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He opened his trang chính lớn, sharing memories, the struggle of sorrow & what"s next for his children"s legacy."My family và the community and my friends have really been there for me, và I think that"s what has helped," he explained of how he is finding comfort.And then, of course, there are pictures.

“While I may always feel like their time on Earth was cut short, I am comforted by the fact that each of you were absolutely perfect in every way.”Heartbreaking words from the mom of Olivia, Edison & Colette Nguyen.The siblings died Feb.17th in a house fire during power outages

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Nathan & Jackie shared dozens of photos of their children"s precious smiles, giggles & sweet snuggles through a family website.He says those tangible images have sầu provided solace too.Olivia, the oldest, loved to lớn bake, embrace her Vietnamese heritage and recently discovered chess, Nathan said.RELATED: 3 children và grandmother killed in Sugar Lvà house fire laid to rest today

HEARTBREAKING: Listen as Olivia, Edison và Colette"s mom, Jackie, remembered her beloved children at their funeral Wednesday.

"I gave her some books on how to beat your dad at chess. That"s the title of the book," Nathan said. "And I asked her if she"s been reading it. And she said, "Yeah, I"ve sầu been reading it." I was like, "You"re doing really good."" He said the last game he played with her was a chess match in which she nearly beat him for the first time.Their only son, 8-year-old Edison, loved art và recently picked up the game Dungeons and Dragons, Nathan said."He just loved it và would not stop talking to lớn me about it," Nathan recalled. "I was just really happy to find something he could bởi vì with me."
"She loved to lớn entertain people," Nathan said. "She would stop us during dinner và ask everybody to lớn be quiet so she could sing her song about cranberries and strawberries và bananas và, you know, put on a show for us."Over the past few days, tributes khổng lồ the children have filled the halls of St. Laurence Catholic Church and School in Sugar Lvà where the siblings were enrolled.Early on, Nathan and Jackie established separate GoFundMe accounts with goals of creating foundations in honor of the children.SEE ALSO: How you can help family of 3 children killed in Sugar Land house fire

A GoFundMe page was created after many reached out wanting khổng lồ help. Part of the funds will be used to lớn create a scholarship at St. Laurence Catholic School, where the siblings were enrolled.

Nathan says money raised from supporters around the country will be donated to the St. Laurence Catholic School tuition assistance fund and khổng lồ assist the Sugar Lvà Fire Department with public education engagement and tools."We would lượt thích to donate things lượt thích fire blankets, a ladder for the second floor, because that"s where the kids were, and hopefully the fire department could help another family," Nathan said."I know they would want me lớn know they"re okay, because that"s how good they are," Nathan said when he was asked what he thought his children might say to hyên today. "That they want me to lớn be okay. They really cared about their parents."Follow Shelley Childers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.