Egypt has its own little hall of fame when it comes to lớn video clip games, far removed from that of the western world. Whether it was a matter of circumstance, one man’s brave sầu attempt lớn download an entire game on dial-up, or just good old spontaneous entry into lớn Egyptian existence, a neat few handful of games have permeated Egyptian society both young and old. Regardless of whether or not they’re into Clip games in the first place. 

Today’s classic pick for the mod treatment is good old Comm& & Conquer: Red Alert 2. Perhaps the Commvà và Conquer series’ most successful (and prolific) title lớn date, this 2001 gem managed to find its way into lớn almost every computer around Egypt over the years. And it’s still pretty lively even today, regardless of the latest (saddest) entries into the series.

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Wait, What is a Mod?

Addons, extensions, expansions, mods, they’re all pretty much the same thing: a modification khổng lồ any đoạn phim game that can change anything from the smallest logistical statistic in a unit all the way up lớn adding entire gigabytes of fresh, new, & không tính tiền nội dung. Oftentimes, a mod can totally convert the base game, & at the very least, provide it with a welcome rebalance and reshuffle of levels or so to lớn refresh your experience.


Red Alert 2, being as modifiable as it is, has spawned many a modification over the years. Some add new mechanics, most add new units and buildings, & others work more subtly; changing only how the game works, while maintaining its original look and feel. So here’s a handful of fun ones to get you started on reinvigorating your RA2 experience.

Bear in mind that mods are entirely community-created, và come with their own flaws and bugs. Do not expect a smooth, bug-không tính tiền experience.

You Need Red Alert 2 Installed to lớn Play these Mods

Mental Omega


Yuri’s Revenge was an awesome little expansion for Red Alert 2 baông xã in the day. Getting to know a bit more about Yuri and his mind-melting Epsilon army was as much fun as popping bubble wrap at age 10. Two flaws persisted with it though: It was short-lived in singleplayer, & you could only play Epsilon in multiplayer.

Enter Mental Omega; a modification that multiplies everything good about Yuri’s Revenge by a hundred (và everything bad by zero). Meant to be an expansion khổng lồ an expansion baông xã in 2005, Mental Omega adds a whole hell of a lot khổng lồ Red Alert 2. Each faction gets its own single player campaign (with 2 player co-op), và that includes Epsilon. Each faction gets a shitload of new units & buildings (và each split inkhổng lồ three subfactions), reworked mechanics, a new soundtraông chồng for each, And if that wasn’t enough, you get an entirely new (and overpowered) fourth faction: The Foehn Revolt. What are they about? Nanomachines and murder. So yeah; get Mental Omega.



Saying “there are way too many World War II games out there” is like saying “the sun is hot.” True, many a developer has tried to lớn take on representing one of the world’s most horrific stretches of time over the years. And when game studgame ios aren’t the ones doing it, it’s would-be gian lận makers & enthusiasts putting their own WW II spin on their favourite games. Red Alert 2 was no exception.

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D-Day – a total conversion of Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge – is an immense and somewhat fresh take on the second great war. Instead of focusing on just the early to lớn mid 40’s (where all the “action” comes from), they decided to plan out the mod over multiple time periods. Pre-war, early/mid/late war, và post-war missions & equipment unfold as you play the game with any one of its 12 fully-voiced, historically accurate real-world factions. Folks interested in major conflicts throughout history have sầu a massive sầu appreciation for historical accuracy when it comes to equipment and events, and this mod pays heavy attention to that fact. I can’t even begin to explain how massive this thủ thuật is right now, nor can I explain how massive it’ll keep getting (it’s still going). The only downside I can think of is that there still aren’t any naval units, but that won’t be the case for long… Anyway, get your hands on D-Day now.

Scorched Earth


Not every thủ thuật out there is meant khổng lồ add a metric tonne of new units và buildings. Similarly, not every thủ thuật out there is meant to lớn reinvent the wheel. Some mods exist solely khổng lồ offer seemingly more subtle changes khổng lồ the game’s already (extremely) enjoyable base vision as it is. Scorched Earth is one of these mods.

This is a gian lận for somebody who wants to experience Red Alert 2 and/or Yuri’s revenge with a bit more of a challenge. The AI for singleplayer & skirmish has been radically overhauled to lớn be as unforgiving and methodical as possible. And although it doesn’t add a whole hell of a lot of new goodies lớn play with, it does add a fair few rebalances và additions here and there for every faction out there. This is a gian lận that plays on the game’s economy, map layout, AI challenge, & overall approach to problem-solving. If you were used khổng lồ being a defensive sầu turtle & playing wars of attrition with the AI in the past, Scorched Earth will force you khổng lồ be more active, more aggressive sầu, và ultimately, better at strategy. Cheông chồng out Scorched Earth here.

Beowulf’s Rules


You’ll find a fair number of balance mods for Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge. The most notable of which would have to lớn be CannisRules. But with each new iteration into lớn the world of rebalance, so too do their offerings Beowulf’s Rules is perhaps the most fleshed-out rebalance lớn the base game to date.

One of the bigger issues with the different countries under each of the game’s two main factions in skirmish was that they never really had an edge over the other. Worse yet, the allied countries overall would easily find themselves beating similarly powered Soviet armies due lớn an imbalance in unit performance. Beowulf’s Rules work on each and every unit from top to bottom khổng lồ make sure that isn’t the case anymore. Each country, each army, & each unit has a marked advantage over many others, and an even more marked disadvantage against other in subtle ways. It does add a fair bit of new units và content, but it’s much more about enhancement rather than addition. Grab it here.

Warhammer 40K: Red Alert

This one’s a bit too niđậy lớn fall under the rest, but still pretty valuable as an experience of its own. For those of you familiar with the grimdark world of eternal warfare & sadness that is the Warhammer 40K universe, this is essentially a thủ thuật that brings Space Marines, Chaos Marines, and National Guard inkhổng lồ the world of Red Alert 2.

The models, for what they are and for the công nghệ involved, are pretty well-done and polished. The animations, sound effects, maps, & overall experience is essentially as outlandish & hilariously fun as basic Red Alert 2. Except instead of using regular soldiers & tanks, you’re playing with basic infantry the size of tanks, tanks the form size of buildings, & buildings that are way too small to lớn produce all that kind of power. Honestly, if you want a true Warhammer 40K experience, get Dawn of War with the Ultimate Apocalypse hack. But for those of us without that much power in their PC, this is a pretty great fit. Try it out over here.