Guide và Walkthrough by samantha_nicole

Chapter Walkthrough

This walkthrough is based on 1.03 update (updated with 1.10) and may contain spoilers. After you update the game, make sure to restart your system. Any dialog choices bởi not affect the story. For general game information, please kiểm tra out trophies/achievements section, see Trophies/Achievements. Most of this game is guided, make sure you phối the destination in Quests for the Main Quest route guidance. I will try to avoid spoilers whenever possible.

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The Stars Were Watching

The boss battle starts at Lv. đôi mươi & will show you the basics of gameplay. You cannot thảm bại this battle. If you feel overwhelmed by the battle mechanics, you will be given much more in-depth tutorials as your progress through the game.

Chapter 1

My name is…

You have sầu access khổng lồ the system settings. You may want to turn on game Play Hints & take a second to lớn look at the button config settings. I changed my Camera Range lớn “Long Range,” it is a personal preference.

What you can initially vị will be limited, the game will open up as you progress through the game.

Taking up a Sword lớn Fight?

Do not worry too much about understanding everything right now. You can go through all tutorials at Save Points.

Déjà vu

Almost all save points will be registered as a fast travel point the first time you clichồng on it. Cliông chồng again lớn save sầu và view tutorials. Fast travel will be unlocked as you progress through the story.

This time…

You will learn about switching characters, but you can also give them commands in battle, and enter tiệc ngọt mode. See tutorials “Party Members” for more information. The main menu will now be available, go through each thực đơn tab for tutorials.

You can explore some, but I recommkết thúc holding off since many of the main game’s features are not explained/unlocked.

You may want khổng lồ unlock “Way of the Guardian” in the skill tree and equip it lớn your combat skills in the Skills menu for the next battle.

Inside “The Northern Cave sầu,” you will see a save point you cannot activate as a fast travel point. To come bachồng khổng lồ this area, you will need to walk there from the northern Lodover Mountains.

Note: You will take fall damage, but you will not die from falling.

quái thú Battle Ugachi: You cannot give sầu Eugeo orders for the time being.

Fighting for a Wish

You will come across relic quests on your way to lớn the next objective, “Trail of the” quests require you to hunt the requested enemies. Some relic quests give sầu bonus skill points và are repeatable (see the description for ).

When you get a 3rd buổi tiệc nhỏ thành viên, they will be limited in what you can vì chưng with them. For now, think of them as a guest.

You will soon unloông xã side quests called “service quests.” After accepting the quest, you can check out more information, set as the destination, or mix as subquest in the Requests tab, Map menu.

Setting it as a subquest will show information on top-left under the main quest, but will not provide a waypoint unless set as a destination.

The next battle is against a lv. 10 enemy but can be done at a lower cấp độ if you have a good grasp on the battle mechanics.

Aincrad Style

Dual-mode is something of a different beast. Bladelock is five button presses. Time the first one & then cliông chồng four more times after a brief pause. Do not mash the Square/X button. I look at his sword for a visual cue; it goes by pretty quiông chồng.

Reliving the Old Days và Extracurricular Lessons

Once you unlock facilities, you can tell who sells stuff by the money bag next to lớn their name. Some shops have sầu multiple tabs, lượt thích Veleno, an armor shopkeep. His armor is in one tab, accessories in the other.

Party menu is unlocked, các buổi party members not in your team will tự động cấp độ (there are exceptions). You should have sầu a few skill points; I recommover learning some 1-handed sword skills. You can get the passive, Pierce Weakness in two points; it is in the attacker section. cảnh báo you cannot unlock the skill tree for a weapon until Kirito equips it on his own.

Placement Exam – Swordcraft

Perfect Guard: You cannot just hold the guard button down and must time it right. Right before the enemy attacks, press Circle/B lớn perfect guard. Pay attention to the screen, & you will see a light blue cross over the enemy before they attaông xã.

That’s What I Like to lớn Hear

Use the fast travel carriage lớn continue the mission.

You can now use Sacred Arts, go lớn Menu -Status – Sacred Arts Details for more information.

There’s a whip you can get without fighting any enemies, go lớn the northwest part of the map (Cordea Plains). You can get a katana in the same manner as the whip (no enemies) from the most northeast chest. The chest right below it is a 2-handed sword. The last yellow chest is a mace; open the chest quickly because the nearby enemy will quickly aggro you.

Placement Exam – Swordcraft

Deflecting: You must hold the guard button down và move the left stiông chồng when the enemy attacks. Like Perfect Blocking, it’s all about timing. Look for the light xanh cross as an indicator. The light blue cross over an enemy helps you time perfect guard, deflect, và perfect step.

No Place in My Life


Find the item in the east part of the search radius. Use the carriage to lớn continue the mission. Now’s a good time to lớn kiểm tra the skill tree & equip skills for the new buổi tiệc nhỏ thành viên.

Placement Exam – Swordcraft

Skill Connect: When you see a light blue cross over your weapon or yourself, use another sword skill. If you have sầu problems with this, some passives increase input đầu vào time in the skill tree. Showing the combat log during battle is an easy way to see if you are doing a Skill Connect or EX Skill Connect.

All That You Can Be

Use the carriage lớn continue.

Thank You for Your Praise!

Use the carriage to continue. You’ll get two new tiệc ngọt members, make sure lớn equip skills for them. Miss attacks are due khổng lồ low accuracy. See Damage Stats.

One’s Principles

Use the carriage khổng lồ continue. Mini spoiler- grind a little in preparation for the next section. If you want an easier time with the next mission, equip stuff to your whip skill.

Show Yourselves In, Prisoners

You cannot access your thực đơn or stuff. Use the skill “catch move” lớn miễn phí yourself. To get higher use the skill again, I couldn’t aim very high và still got it standing from the doorway you came from.


You have sầu access to your thực đơn and stuff. Prepare for duals.

Don’t Stop!

More duals.

The Synthesis Ritual

Equip skills on the new các buổi party thành viên. You can farm enemies here if you’re worried about the next area. There will be several boss battles in a row. They always seem to dodge my Arts Gauge – Finish Art, so I usually use the Super Art in duals.

Chapter 2

Bad Omens

The game has now opened up. You’ve sầu unlocked Kirito’s Tent & various features, including dating và the record menu.

Now that you have sầu more features unlocked, you may want to skyên ổn my other sections for more information.

For art codes, when you or your các buổi party member does an action in battle, it can be “recorded” and added as an art code or segment within an art code. I recommover switching skills often and manually using the skill in battle often. See Arts Codes & Art Builds for more information. For starting team comp, I recommover Asumãng cầu, Lisbeth, and Sinon. Rethành viên khổng lồ equip them with skills.

Go lớn the carriage, Sothercrois Empire to continue.

To Sothercrois

Multiplayer features are unlocked.

Side Quests unlocked: These feature a character in the game, most have sầu duals or battles. If you cannot activate a side quest, you need lớn explore more areas. I will try to lớn menu any I come across.

If a side quest requires a buổi tiệc ngọt member to start, you can put them in your team as your partner lớn wrap them lớn you. Not required, but saves walking around North Centoria.

ReunionSacred Arts DrillsWith Respect to WeaponsExcuses và HonorThe #1 ArcherAn Old StrangerTo Rekindle Your Memories

Fast travel to Warmia Greenbelt (S) to lớn continue the story.

Beast Sightings

Complete service quests: Reunalt’s request, Enanza’s request

You may need to select the service quests from the Map thực đơn lớn get a waypoint destination.

You’re My Savior

Side Quest unlocked:

Otherworld Singer: BeginningsWithout spoiling anything, I recommend having the volume up for quests with Otherworld in the title.

Go to lớn Sothercrois – Warmia Greenbelt lớn continue – Williria Town.

A Temporary Alliance

If you’ve sầu been doing service quests, you’ll notice that some quests give sầu additional maps icons. Almost all maps have additional icons that are unlocked by doing service quests for that area.

Foraging và habitat data.

To continue the story, go south khổng lồ the next area from Warmia Greenbelt.

Side Quest unlocked:

Otherworld Singer: MelodiesFor quest part: Go khổng lồ Norlangarth – Sustnel Mountains

Toward the Scorching Desert

You’ll unlock wayfarers that you can find on the bản đồ (green wing), show map icons for more information. I recommover inviting wayfarers often.

Desertproof Cloak


Go lớn Vizeah Valley – Hilly Campground (S) after getting the quest items.

I’m Glad I Met You

Baông xã lớn Deusoldort Desert (S).

Proof of Their Strength

Side Quest unlocked:

Otherworld Singer: Sad MemoryHarvestable locations for item

Go to Deusoldort Desert (S). Prepare for battles.

Chapter 3

Field Clamp

Side Quests unlocked:

Otherworld Singer: HopeParty thành viên unlockedUnchanging WarmthLisbeth’s SecretUnwavering HeartsParty member unlockedLooking for a Lost WingI recommover using a bow or whip for this quest. Party member unlockedA Shortcut to lớn TrustWho’s that Next khổng lồ You?Silica the Sage!You may want lớn equip skills lớn the person this quest is for before accepting it.Trials and TribulationsAlice vs. AliceMassageLean on MeYou may want khổng lồ equip skills to lớn the person this quest is for before accepting it.Commander Bercouli’s TrialsThe Promised Honey PiesACTF Reputation Improvement 1/2Go lớn your tent.

From the carriage, go to lớn Norlangarth to lớn continue.

Let’s Have sầu Kirito Decide

Leave sầu the maps, north.

Upstream Clamp

Make sure to lớn fix your team.

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To Rulid Village

Leave sầu the map, north. Leave sầu the following maps, north. The treasure in the southeast of Lodover Mountains contains a bow. Enemies will aggro, be prepared.

So Cthất bại, Yet So Far Away

You can add a 3rd person khổng lồ your team.

I’m Not Her

Re-add buổi tiệc nhỏ members. The treasure in The Northern Cave is Blacklight Clothes (DEF 33). Be quiông xã if you don’t want the enemies lớn aggro.

Precious Memories

Fast travel khổng lồ Sustnel Mountains and leave sầu the maps, east. You can add a 3rd person khổng lồ your team. A katana is in the north treasure chest. The other yellow chest is a 2-handed sword.

It’s Not Me…

cảnh báo the well location if you ever want lớn come baông xã here. It is the Old Norlangarth Castle. The yellow chest is a dagger.


If Everything Is Lost

Go back lớn the well in Deserted Village.

Hurry khổng lồ Rulid Village

You can fast travel to lớn Rivalier Forest then leave the maps, north. The yellow chest in Rivalier Forest is a rapier. Make sure to re-add các buổi tiệc nhỏ members as needed. Saving is disabled for the next several battles.

What Any Cat Lover Would

Side Quest unlocked:

A Student’s LoyaltyAn Excellent EscortAt current location.How Selka Does Her BestRequires “An Excellent Escort” lớn be completed first. Put the buổi tiệc ngọt member it recommends in your team as your partner while at the current location (same place as the prerequisite quest).

Walk or fast travel to lớn Sustnel Mountains – southside.

You Need Only Wish

Leave sầu the map, south.

It’s Not Me…

Side Quests unlocked:

Eugeo & the Northern IceGo khổng lồ the Lodend Mountains – Rulid Village, then go lớn the northern part of the bản đồ.

Add các buổi tiệc nhỏ members as needed.

Use the carriage, go to Wesdarath khổng lồ continue.

Chapter 4

What Would I Want?

Add 3rd tiệc ngọt member.

The True Axiom Church

Side Quests unlocked:

That Which Lurks in the GroveCaring isn’t EasyA Knight’s PrideMay not be able khổng lồ start until you explore more areas or go forward with the story.With Newfound WingsNew Sword Skill abilities for the buổi tiệc ngọt member.What Asumãng cầu CooksSinon’s CatnapI’ll Be Your Shield!Family MemoriesLiz’s ApprenticeshipTales of the Blaông xã SwordsmanGo lớn your tent.

Side Quests unlocked: o After doing “Tales of the Blachồng Swordsman” side quest.

Ronie and Family AspirationsUetra Valley (N)Flowers for HerDo not vì chưng her side quest last, can bug, và be stuông xã in the team. To fix the bug, either start another side quest or reload save sầu data.After the first battle, you may want to grab wayfarers.Siông xã in BedHer Warmth

Go khổng lồ Mildea Plains (W) to continue. Then go back to Mildea Plains (W).

Taking Bachồng What’s Important

Leave the map, south.

The enemies will keep respawning, find the clamp below the bridge. After, you need to lớn go baông xã to lớn the bridge, if the enemies bởi not show up right away then swing your weapon around. Chechồng under the bridge; one may be there. If it disappears, it’ll reappear on the bridge.

Leave the bản đồ, south.

The Three Keys

First, go lớn Raubal Greenbelt – Cliffia (W). Then to lớn the southwest part of the bản đồ. Then bachồng to Minelda Rocks – Miner’s Settlement or walk lớn the mines. Bachồng khổng lồ the southwest part of Raubal Greenbelt. Leave the maps, West.

Make sure you activate a fast travel spot in Villind Plateaus. The bridge bug may occur, và fast traveling to lớn Villind Plateaus is the only known fix. You can join multiplayer & ask someone to take you there then activate it.

The yellow chest in the south of Villind Plateaus contains Sage Clothes (DEF 38).

Raubal Greenbelt: Ice Crystal KeyThe first key is to lớn the left of the Foothill Manor. Circle tightly around the statue for sự kiện trigger.Mineldomain authority Rocks: Crag Key

(Side Exploration) If you back up from the spot, it stops you; you can go up the right side (left side once you’re facing the statue), use Whip. At the top is a relic for Ex skill “Hands of the Gods.” I recommkết thúc learning it & then The Faeries’ Ronvì as soon as possible.

Fast travel or walk lớn Bonfire fast travel point – take the south path, it’ll lead you through a short cave.Mildea Plains: Dragonscale KeyGo up to the statue. The enemies around here (Prickly Armored Shrew) are good for cheesing Deflects with poison.

Bachồng to Villind Plateaus – Drugo’s Temple.

Allow Me to Praise You

Side Quests unlocked:

Festival Time

You should now be able khổng lồ vì chưng the side quest: A Knight’s Pride.

Go khổng lồ Raubal Greenbelt (W) – Bridge of the Ravine to lớn continue.

Fast travel or walk to lớn Mineldomain authority Rocks – Rocky Road.

The Most Annoying Hero

Go to Villind Plateaus – Outside the Western Ravine. Fix your team if necessary. If you grab wayfarer’s here, they may join you in the next battle.

Chapter 5

You Have Given Me Hope

Side Quests unlocked:

Bercouli’s Faithful CompanionsGreat Mound RoadLisbeth & the Mine GiantSarole Mountainstrang chủ is Where…ACTF Reputation Improvement 2/2

You have sầu new buổi tiệc nhỏ members you can use.

You may want to lớn move forward with the story before doing the side quest. At least until a certain someone isn’t locked in your team. Add two buổi tiệc nhỏ members & go to Uetra Valley (N).

Something I Need to Ask You

Side Quests unlocked:

Some side quests cannot be activated until you proceed with the story.

Alice và the Osmanthus ForestTreitis PassCardinal and the Decaying HomelandYou may not want to start until you have sầu been lớn Treitis Pass (E) fast travel point. Don’t bởi vì her side quest last, the same issue as before, you can fix the after-quest bug by starting someone else’s side quest. You may want khổng lồ invite wayfarers before going lớn the waypoint.Tiese and Destiny AbhorrentSivilia MountainsEldrie và Snakes in the LakeGreat Mound RoadAsumãng cầu và the Taste of HomeSustnel MountainsSilica và the Little BrothersWarmia GreenbeltLeafa & the BrotherhoodRaubal GreenbeltSinon và the Cave of DarknessVillind PlateausAlice and AliceTheir FeelingsA Selfless BattleComplete “Their Feelings” firstLinel and the Merchant’s BoysComplete “A Selfless Battle” firstWarmia Greenbelt

Side Quests unlocked:

Fizel and the Venomous JungleWarmia GreenbeltShelter from the Rain (ver. Sheyta)Sometimes You Have sầu ToMedina Overdoes ItThe Meaning of TrustI recommover using a bow or whip for this quest.

Use the carriage and leave Eastavarieth.

Bachồng to lớn Rest

Side Quests unlocked:

The meaning of Strength

Go to lớn Sarole Mountains (E) to continue; you may need lớn walk southeast from Sivilia Mountains.

Find the Golden Shoot bamboo; it is a harvestable thành công (green leaf) in the exclamation point circle.


After the battle, leave the map, south.

You’ll have sầu khổng lồ make your way without a waypoint, go NE dropping down, go straight, và you’ll see rocks right beyond the dragon enemies, turn inlớn it và go up the narrow path. Once you hit the camp, go NE.

After the battle, leave sầu the maps, south.

You can find the Keepsake Necklace northwest of the circle.


You can find the Lost Fishing Rod after climbing down the vine & head SW.


When you get access to the southern part of the map, the yellow chest is Heavenly Light Clothes (DEF 42).

The Only Thing Missing

Add a các buổi tiệc nhỏ member. The second battle spawns infinite minions, focus on the trùm.

Chapter 6

Nothing to lớn be Afraid Of

First, go to Raubal Greenbelt (W) – Cliffia.

Side Quest unlocked:

Medimãng cầu and CatnappedRaubal Greenbelt

Go lớn Minelda Rocks (W).

Go to Sarole Mountains (E) – Chieria Town.

Go to Lockiss Rocks (N) – Flaggidd Village.

Go lớn Lodend Mountains (N) – Rulid Village.

Go khổng lồ Sustnel Mountains (N) – Zakkaria.

Always By My Side

Side Quests unlocked:

Alice’s Resolve: Her Final FightMedina’s Resolve: Her Final Fight

They Took Our Duties

You have sầu khổng lồ make it lớn a specific area before being able khổng lồ leave & save. See other parts of my guide to prepare.

Look at Me

Set of boss fights.

They"re Here

Adjust team.

Send me inkhổng lồ the Main Visualizer or "Another route" Send me into lớn the Main Visualizer.

Piông xã whichever route you want, you can repeat the final boss for the (optional) second route.