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Here is a menu of Best Free Portable Video Splitter Software for Windows. Using these không lấy phí software, you can split a video clip into multiple smaller segments. As these are portable software, you can use these video clip cutters without installing them on your system. Also, you can carry these in a portable storage device & use them on the go.

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These không tính phí software let you cut a video inkhổng lồ several parts based on time intervals. Some software support lossless split khổng lồ cut a video clip without compromising on its original đoạn phim quality. Most software tư vấn a variety of video formats to import and export đoạn phim segments including MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, FLV, WMV, & more formats. The process of video splitting is very easy; you can check out the software description lớn know the exact procedure.

In many of these, you can also merge videos inlớn a single video tệp tin. Plus, various additional functions like merge cut segments, batch Clip conversion, rotate video clip frame, capture frame screenshots, etc. All in all, these are great portable đoạn phim cutter software with various additional handy tools.

My Favorite Free Portable Video Splitter Software for Windows:

LosslessCut is one of the best software which along with the Clip splitting feature, provides a lot more useful features. Plus, it supports a good number of video formats.

MediaMux is another good software that you can try to lớn split or combine videos.

You can also check out some best không tính tiền Open Source Video Joiner, Open Source Video Converter, and mở cửa Source Video Streaming software for Windows.


LosslessCut is a miễn phí portable Clip splitter software for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is a dedicated software that allows you to cut segments from a đoạn Clip inkhổng lồ multiple smaller videos. As its name suggests, it splits a đoạn Clip without losing actual chất lượng of the Clip. It supports a lot of đoạn Clip formats as input đầu vào & output, such as MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, DV, OGV, etc.

You can cut a video inkhổng lồ multiple parts using normal cut or keyframe cut method. Also, you can choose to mute or keep the audio in video clip segments. Let’s have a look at the steps to lớn split a Clip.

How khổng lồ split video clip in this portable software: LosslessCut:

First, go to the File menu > xuất hiện option lớn import a đoạn Clip.Now, use phối cut start to current position & then phối cut end khổng lồ current position tools to lớn first set the start position & then the over position.Next, cliông xã on the Split segment at cursor button present below in the Segments khổng lồ export section.Similarly, you can split multiple segments.After that, phối up options lượt thích keep audio/ mute audio, output video clip format, etc.Finally, press the Export button khổng lồ save sầu all the cuts.

Additional Features:

Merge Cut: You can combine all the cuts into lớn one video file using it.Batch Convert: You can bulk convert video from one format lớn another.Set Output đầu ra Rotation: It lets you rotate a video.Capture Frame: You can capture screenshot of a đoạn phim frame.


It is one of the best open source portable video cutter software to split videos inlớn multiple segments.

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MediaMux is a free, open source, portable đoạn Clip splitter software for Windows. This software is used for splitting, combining, and converting video clip files. It offers two split modes including after output duration and specific time period. The first method splits a đoạn Clip into lớn equal parts as per entered interval và the latter one cuts out a video from the specified time.

While it supports MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, & more formats as input, you can export split segments only in original, MP4, or MKV format. It splits a video clip without losing its original unique. Below are the steps to lớn persize video splitting process.

How lớn split đoạn phim in this open source portable software: MediaMux:

First, use the Add files option khổng lồ import one or more video files.Now, move to its Split/Concat tab và choose the split mode.Next, enter a time value lớn cut a đoạn phim.After that, choose native or either MP4 or MKV format as output and set up output directory.Finally, cliông chồng on the Start Split button to cut the video inlớn multiple parts.

Additional Features:

Multiplexer: It lets you customize various parameters including audio codec, Clip codec, đoạn phim unique, frame rate, video clip format, etc.Lossless Concat: You can combine videos into lớn a single long video clip.

Final Thoughts:

It is a nice và user-friendly portable video splitter software that lets you cut a video without losing its quality.

Avidemux is yet another miễn phí portable video clip splitter for Windows. It is primarily a Clip editor with various tools including transformation, noise & sharpness, audio filters, add subtitles, color adjustment, etc. You can easily cut a video clip from a đoạn phim as per your requirement. After cutting a video clip, you can export the segment in various formats lượt thích MP4, AVI, MPEG, MKV, etc.

How to lớn split đoạn Clip in Avidemux Portable:

First, load the source đoạn Clip using its Open function.Now, cliông chồng on the A button to lớn set the start point và press the B button to set the over point.Next, from the left side panel, configure output format, đoạn phim decoder, audio options, & more parameters.After that, go to lớn the File menu & cliông chồng on the Save option.Finally, enter filename và press the Save sầu button lớn save the Clip cut.

Similarly, you can cut the Clip into multiple other segments.


It is a portable đoạn Clip editor in which you can cut a đoạn Clip inkhổng lồ the segments you want to lớn.

FFmpeg is one more không lấy phí portable video clip splitter software for Windows, macOS, & Linux. Itis comm& based software that requires you lớn enter some commands khổng lồ perkhung particular tasks. You can split a Clip through it as well as crop a video clip, rekích cỡ video, rotate Clip, convert video, etc. It works well with multiple video clip formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV, và many more.

Let us have a look at the video splitting command và steps now:

How lớn split đoạn phim using comm& in FFMPEG:

Before you follow any step, I would suggest you to lớn copy and paste source videos to lớn the downloaded FFmpeg folder. Now, follow below steps:

xuất hiện the comm& prompt và navigate to the downloaded FFmpeg thư mục.Now, type this commvà in the CMD:ffmpeg.exe cộ -i input_đoạn phim.mp4 -t 00:10:30 -c copy out_split1.mp4 -ss 00: 12:40 -c copy output_split2.mp4. Here, you need khổng lồ specify time at which you want khổng lồ split each segment and “input_đoạn Clip.mp4” is the đoạn Clip filename.Finally, press the Enter button to split the videos into multiple parts.


It is a commvà based & portable đoạn Clip splitter software using which you can perform various other đoạn phim tasks.