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Opened Visual Studio 2012 today & suddenly found that the auxiliary tool Visual Assist X expired.

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Although I tried lớn uninstall & reinstall và crachồng, I still can"t use it. Hey... How can such a good tool not be used? Finally, I found a solution. I will chia sẻ it with you. Just tải về the following resources và install it.

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Then, when I write the program today, I want to pass (share) an array between the two classes, think about what method khổng lồ use, và finally choose a static method lớn build the array. If there is a better way, welcome to lớn chia sẻ...

staticintnum<100>;/ / Rethành viên to initialize

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VS2017 Visual Assist X craông chồng method

Visual Assist XIs a very good Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in support for C / C ++, C #, ASP., Visual Basic, Java and HTML language, Visual Assist X can automatically identify a variety of từ khoá, th...


Visual Assist X is enabled and disabled in VS2012

Since VS2012 was opened for a certain time, there is no VA plug-in display. Looking at the code color interface of this egg pain. A I thought there was a problem with the plug-in, so I downloaded và ...


VS development tool -Visual Assist X

About Visual Assist X Visual Assist X is a very good plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio. It has powerful editing features & can be fully integrated into lớn the Microsoft development environment to upg...

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Template comments using doxyren in Visual Assist X Doxyren is an open source, cross-platkhung, document system described in a style similar lớn JavaDoc, fully supporting C, C++,Java、Objective-CAnd I...


Visual Assist X 10.9.2223 download & crack tutorial

For longer engineering codes written in Visual Studio, it is cumbersome to read, and suitable assistant tools are essential at this time. Visual Assist X obviously meets this requirement. Below I will...

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Manual xxoo Visual Assist X notes

Craông chồng process: 0. Find the ptr pointers of GetModuleHandleA and GetProcAddress functions is recorded as (***a)DA723C (***b)DA722C 1. Find the following code snippet (cross-reference unknown_libname_12...

VS2010+Qt4.8.6+Visual Assist X installation steps

If you want to lớn vì well, you must first sharpen your tools! Now let me give you a brief introduction. Qt deploys the big killer in the environment developed by VS2010, as well as the Visual Assist X au...

VA assistant (Visual Assist X) notes

Visual Assist X add bình luận template

1 Introduction Visual Assist X is an auxiliary tool for the development environment, you can use it to lớn create code comment templates, etc. Before that, we need to lớn underst& some predefined macros:Vis...

Visual Assist X installation, use và shortcut keys

Visual Assist official website address:https://www.wholetomakhổng lồ.com Visual Assist shortcut keys: Use of Visual Assist X:

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