Find here an Overview Datasheet about Microsoft Embedded Standard 7.Visit the secured tải về section for an Overview Presentation about Microsoft Embedded Standard.

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New Components and Tools

Windows cảm ứng (including Multi Touch)BranchCacheAppLockerVHD BootDirect Acess (i.e. VPN channeling)Sensor and Location PlatformFaster Boot TimeImproved Power nguồn Management (i.e. Vi xử lý Core Parking)VDI Remote DesktopBitlocker To Go

See also the MSDN overview here

A guide to build your own image can be found here





The Image Configuration Editor helps you build, develop, & customize embedded runtime images, with the ability to save sầu the configuration inkhổng lồ a unattend.xml file. this tệp tin can be used to the standard installation file for a keyless installation.Time-saving features include:

Footprint Estimator Tool - Calculate the impact that adding certain components & component dependencies will have sầu on the footprint of a runtime image.Dependency checking - Determine the right dependencies based on the packages chosen for an image.Advanced package browsing - Easily find desirable features using multiple tree views and customizable filters. Also includes an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface of selected features and automated dependency-checking và issues list.Advanced search functionality - Quickly find the packages and settings you need lớn build your igiảm giá image. Search for packages by package name, specific binary name, or associated metadata.

Other Design Tools

Static Dependency AnalyzerAutomatically analyze third-tiệc ngọt applications lớn determine which packages are required to lớn ensure your application works correctly.Target AnalyzerDetects the hardware configuration on your target device và automatically maps drivers to lớn the detected hardware so that your image only contains the drivers you need.Package ScannerAllows developers lớn easily determine which updates are applicable to your image. This is helpful for devices which are not connected to a networked servicing infrastructure.

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Deployment Image Servicing và Management (DISM)Advanced command line servicing tool which allows developers khổng lồ apply updates & configure runtimes.Device TemplatesUse available templates that make the creation of the devices simpler & easier. Allows developers to quick start the image creation process using a standardized template that includes the most common features required for the device type.

Key Facts


Low Cost

Low upfront capital investment through không lấy phí evaluation tools, low cost development tools và lower licensing costs than the full version of Windows 7.

Processor Architectures


More than 150 components and over 500 driver packages to select.

No Activation

Small Footprint



Industrial Standard

Latest Technology

Application Development